Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm sitting on my brother's couch in Charlotte NC...the baby boy of the family, Colby and my friend, Jinx are in the front yard...I havent smoked any weed in a few days, but for some reason I don't feel I need it right now. My wife is pissed at me so I havent talked to her in about a week, and I haven't talked to my son either...so my mind is fulled with visions of ART...I guess I should be "sad" but I'm not...the pain I feel is creating some of the wildest images in my mind. Not in a bad way but in a beauty way...having this "clear" mind without weed is very different for me...I don't really know if I like it or dislike it...but I feel numb to my private life..art is the only thing I see right now...pain, beauty, loneliness, forgivenss, happiness, freedom, peace, and my children....I can feel the sun shining down on my back from the window..and it makes me feel at peace, like God is touching me...like my grandmothers are telling me "Be strong and focus on your goals" just the simple touch of the sun..I feel like I'm not alone....I just want to create using these visions...no music is needed...no weed is needed...no other human being is needed...just me, my hands, visions, and GOD....my brother's wife is about to walk in the house...she was going to work around 6am when I decided to go to bed..after staying up allnight tattooing one of my brothers, old college friends, twitting, and drawing for my book....I can hear my boy, Jinx in the background telling some corny jokes...and my lil' brother Colby's voice is reminding me of his fathers voice..these are my visions from sound...random, but beauty....life flaws and all...I'm thankful..I'm blessed...and I'm learning....Miya Bailey be YOU...and smile :) create art..and focus on your goals...give your children the world...even when they don't understand whats going on right now...ok enough of this random blog...time to look at Gummo (I love that movie) and after my sister gets off work we all going to see, Distrinct 9....

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pain Love Cause.....

I have had many women come and go in my life. The bad and the good...all of them taught me a lesson in their own special way. Like any BOY going into a man I abused that friendship between man and woman...and I often thought can men and friend even be friends without sex crossing their minds...so I stayed away from women so I could focus on money and goals in life...only calling them for sexual reasons, and showing LOVE ONLY in my art and tattoos...I kept my feelings bottled up..so I could stay hard and never be hurt by any human...but love was always in my heart so I poured it ALL in my work hurting women along the way who tried to get close to me..never opening my heart up to express those feelings of passion...the older I got the more I was willing to share myself with others...I met my wife at this point of my life..and she was just as hard and cold as I was...she wasnt very expressive of her feelings for me, so I didn't express my feelings to her...I just knew she was different from what I was use to having...she wasn't into art, comic books, or anything I was into, but she was very loyal to me and had my back when all the others were tired of my shit...So I put all my focus on her hoping she would open you to me..so I could open up to her...I wanted to be loved by her but I couldn't love her the way I wanted to love her because she didn't express her love the way I was use to from the other women I had in my life before her...including my mother...no matter how hard I tried to me...I wanted HER love...the type of love I was use to..but I didn't want to change who she was or how she showed her love...She taught me opposites attract and mates don't have to see eye to eye to be together...but men are selfish, one of the flaws of the human male....we want everything to go our way or no way...which will drive women away...some women are "pleasers" by nature and when they please a man they are happy...but there are also women who want to be pleased by the man and pampered...which one is for me? I know this is random, and I guess its putting my personal life on front street...but expression and letting my thoughts flow free, helps me feel good (or feel better when I have fucked up)....I don't like holding my feelings in anymore..I'm 34 years old and I'm not a boy anymore...I made mistakes like ALL humans do..and I will cont' to make more mistakes in life...but I'm not afraid to face all the things that come with those mistakes..I'm not afraid of what other people say...I'm not afraid to FLY and FALL...I just wish, my wife would forgive me for my selfishness and I hope any women I have hurt will forgive me for crossing paths with me when I was GROWING into a man...I, Miya Bailey am a MAN first...and I have flaws like anyone else...all I know is love hurts..and I never meant to cause pain to ANYONE...everyone woman I have crossed paths with know my focus and my goals...some will fall to the waste side some will ride with me until I fall off the planet...I just know what I want... I will never be understood until after I'm gone...Artist never shine until after death...my focus is to shine while I'm alive to enjoy it...bear with me..and I PROMISE the world will be yours...but if you don't want the world..and you just want ME...then more pain will be caused...I can't change my focus..I'm programmed to make SURE my children and future grandchildren can live off my name forever...I might don't be the best friend, or the best husband and I will be a fuck up, but my LOVE is pure...and my love also HURTS...if you are afraid of PAIN...then you have to leave me alone....because I want the WORLD for everyone around me...thats who I am...and thats what fuel me...any mistake I have made I can live with the "JUSTICE" which is the pain caused by loving HARD...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm really inspired right now..and I want to do some REALLY creative tattoos. I have been bored lately with some of the tattoo ideas I have been hearing lately...but most of my clients are opening up more and putting their trust in my hands...my visions for art is unlimited...NEW ideas will never stop but a lot of people are wasting that vision...they try to stay INSIDE the box using common seen images. Even if the idea is very common, I have to think of a way to do it DIFFERENT every single time..for example, how many different ways can I do flowers and butterflies? Not saying butterflies and flowers are bad, but if you spend the money don't be afraid to REALLY use my mind and art to create something outside the box...my goal for the OCT, NOV, & DEC appointments are to do more larger and more original pieces...I want to show other tattoo artists what I can REALLY do...I'm very inspired and I feel those last 3 months of appointments will be my BEST tattooing yet! So if you have an appointment on those 3 months, I promise you the work will be in styles you have yet seen from me...a rebirth of MB Tattooing

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jay-Z (Feat. Kanye West & Rihanna) - Run This Town

The King is Back...I'm sooooo glad Jay-Z is back on the scene.
Feels good to see a real talent getting shine these days. The state of hip-hop is embrassing...so its good to have some balance...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FUCK "Black" Hollywood....

When I first came to Atlanta in the earlier 90's I fell in love with the "SOUL" of this city. The deep southern culture, the beautiful people, and the music. Now of days it's really hard to find a person who was born and raised in Atlanta. Other people from different cities moved here to follow their own dreams. I have watched Atlanta change from a southern city to a city of business and hustle. I have also watched the city move their native people out of city limited and push them out to College Park, East Point, Decatur, ect... With all these new businesses opening up why didn't the new people give those jobs to the people who were born and raised here? This NEW Atlanta scene has become commericial and has lose it soul and LOVE for the people..it seems like if you are a real Atlien then the only thing they want you to do is make "rap" music...or "TRAP" music...the soul in the music is GONE...Atlanta wants to be "Hollywood" know, EVERYONE wants to be a star...everyone wants to shine, but no one wants to help the people who we were born here...even I am a victim to this madness. I been living in Atlanta since 1994 and I only know maybe 5-6 REAL born-Atlanta people (I'm not counting the entertainers I know)...everyone I know personally moved here from another city...and thats NOT a bad thing, I love growth and business but the SOUL of the City is lose...Just turn on the radio and listen to the negative music they play for our youth...what are the babies learning?? So I decided to make this VERY clear..I'm not speaking for City of Ink and my crew..I'm speaking for "Miya Bailey" I AM NOT DOWN WITH BLACK HOLLYWOOD!!! I am not down with the "VIP" area...anyone who know me know if a club promoter gives me a VIP area...everyone who knows me is welcome to have it..I rather walk around with the "regular" everyday work class folks...I'm not judging anyone I'm just not down with the Hollywood shit...I'm not down with SELLING dreams, I'm down with following dreams...we are ALL stars...we are all beautiful...bring Atlanta BACK...bring back the MUSIC, the soul, the art and the PEOPLE!..F.I.L.A...Forever I Love Atlanta

Happy Birthday Kat...we love u!

In my life I have met some really cool people..and I have also met some really fucked up people...the people who know me personally know I can not stand a negative person. I want NO part of gossip, rumors, or "negative" talk period (unless we clowning the police LOL)so I try to keep my circle small and surround myself with positive souls who make me SMILE, feel good inside, believe in me, and who chase their dreams in life. When we first moved City of Ink into Castleberry Hill almost 3 years ago. I met some really cool people in the area. It took me some time to open myself up to strangers. But this one lady stood out. She is a waitress at Slice and an inspiring actress with MANY talents. Everytime I walked in Slice, she had positive energy. Over the years I got to know this young lady, by the name "KAT" a lady of style, beauty and class...I rarely write about people I know outside of the business world, but last weekend was Kat's bday so me and Samba walked over to Slice to show our support and love for Kat. She has always supported City of Ink so we had to tell Kat "Happy Birthday" in person...Kat you help make the Castleberry Hill district a special place in Atlanta, and we honor you for that...I can't wait to see you on the big screen....follow those dreams sis, and work HARD...we love you and Happy B-day again sis....Miya Bailey

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

v3 Tattoo has moved!

v3 has moved to a new location on the Acme Builders Sim. It's a lot better place. Its now in its own building and the sim has several shopping venues. Men's and women's clothing jewelery, accessories, skins, and furniture stores all close by.

Get a chance come by and check out the new location and the new look!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


danielle, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

The three lilliws were designed to fit around and existing Angel tattoo.