Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Friday @ City of Ink

Last Friday was a beautiful day in City of Ink history. Corey Davis had his first solo art show. I have uploaded a lot of the photos on my facebook page. I'm very proud of Corey, I have watched this kid grow into a young man and a marketing genius. His art show was filled with people of all ages, races, and was a very balances show. He had these japanese beers, so I was feeling GOOD...congratz Corey Davis, I hope you inspired Samba, Chris, Melvin, and Sophie to also do solo art show...lets see.

and Tuki Carters FIRST SOLO art show will be on Sat. Sept.19 (his bday)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rick Ross & Tuki Carter @ City of Ink

Today Rick Ross has released his 3rd CD "Deeper Than Rap" Rick Ross was getting tattooed by Tuki on this video. See what happens when you leave your camera at work, those dripping star cats don't know how to act when they see a camera..LOL There is NO place like City of Ink....drop by yall tattoos starting at only $40 and we are open 1pm-10pm no never know who will be up there...we always have a few surprizes....blessings yall...and go buy that Rick Ross CD...peaceeeeeeee!

Rick Ross was NOT arrested at City of Ink...THE REAL VIDEO

Rick Ross was NEVER arrested or even handcuffed...the police didn't even talk to him...all the rumors are FALSE....the only person handcuffed (NOT ARRESTED) just handcuffed was Chris Carter, asst. manager at City of was only a NOISE COMPLAINT. The reported created a story just to make the news....he should be FIRED for making up fairy tales, REAL reporters don't make up stories....The only reason the police came by was because Rick Ross's tour bus was parked out front and it was left running, so it woke up some of the people living in the area (we sorry for the noise yall)...Rick Ross thanks for supporting City of Ink.

Here's the REAL VIDEO...and Chris is wayyy to skinny to be Rick So how the hell this that reporter mix up Chris and Rick Ross...I guess niggaz all look


rileyback2, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worth the Time.....

A lot of people ask me why do I take tattooing and my art so serious.. The answer is it's my LIFE... Everytime I do a tattoo I think about how many hours it will take me to do..and if this person even cares that I haven't seen my son in days because I'm sitting in one place allday tattooing and working to feed my family. Since I rarely get to see any of my children, I put that love, pain, struggle, and emotion in EVERY piece I do...yes I can be picky who and what I tattoo on people thats because I have to ask myself "Is this tattoo worth my time away from my love ones?" I have missed sooo much of my childrens life working and serving the people, and I'm afraid they won't understand why I work as hard as I do...I don't want my children to struggle like I did growing up...I remember watching my mother work 2 and 3 jobs to make sure we had food to eat...I remember my mother not eatting dinner because she wanted to make sure all 4 of her children had enough to eat and make sure we are ALL full. Now just imagine you eatting dinner, and your mother cooked it for you but not eatting herself to make sure her babies were full first....thats the strength I come from..these are the visions thats feel my heart and mind EVERYTIME I do a tattoo....I don't know if my kids even read my blogs..and like most men...its hard to express my emotions at time...but Algeria, Egypt, and Prophet..daddy LOVES you..I PROMISE I will make more time for you...I do it ALL for yall...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hollyweerd TONIGHT @ The Starbar in Little 5 Points!

Hollyweerd will be performing tonight in Little 5 Points at the Starbar (across from the Vortex) They hit the stage @ there!!! Support the NEW Atlanta music scene....I will be there after my last tattoo I will see yall there, blessings yall!...Miya Bailey

Tomorrow night @ City of Ink 7pm-10pm

Corey Davis's FIRST solo art show is tomorrow night @ there yall! Here is a message from Corey himself....

Hello everyone!
It's me, Corey Davis, finally taking a break from the acrylic paint and pencils to write you this brief invitation to my first solo Art Show this Friday @ City of Ink [323 walker st]. It's FREE to everyone, and I pushed on the boundaries of High and low art to make sure the work is affordable for everyone. Thanks to everyone whos been there to encourage and inspire me. I'd also like to thank my sponsors. I'm so stoked, I think I'm gonna Puke... lol, but I hope you all come out and enjoy the work. Please come dressed like futuristic punk-rockers from space. I know my outfit is gonna be nuts.

Sounds by DJ Wreckineyez
Doors open at 7PM

Good//Bad//Beautiful AFTERPARTY @ Cenci [1259 Glenwood Ave]
11PM-3AM. DJ Mafiaso. Free Crunk Juice for everyone! $5 all night! Check out my blog on for more info and pics.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Alexa-USA-fin, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Finished design for Alexa USA. Please respect the copywrite the wearer and myself and do not copy.


bret-wooten-USA, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Completed back design for Bret Wooten - USA. Please respect the copywrite of this website and respect the wearer of this tattoo and do not copy.


rileyback, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

first sitting...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miya Bailey's VIMBY.COM Interview....

After that bullshit story on I had to post something positive..props to AJ and Vimby for this interview....props yall! and thanks A LOT!

Bullshit Rick Ross & City of Ink story..........

Man, some niggaz kill me with bullshit stories tryin' to make a name for themselves. As some of yall know the police came over and started fucking with Rick Ross because his tour bus was making too much noise over at City of posted FAKE BULLSHIT story about what happened that night...Rick Ross was NOT fact the police never even talked to Rick Ross....they handcuffed, Tuki's brother (Chris Carter) for no reason at charges happened and no one was was funny because some dude jumped out the shadows with a camera tryin' to a story to make a career for himself...he even lied and said "She sister was in the shop" no female was at the shop is the video..LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tori....The Apprentice @ City of Ink

I would like to introduce you to Tori, the newest apprentice at City of Ink. I met Tori through Chris McAdoo....Tuki started training him a few months ago...once he is ready I will let him start watching me tattoo...but until then he will be drawing, and cleaning up City of step is let him tattoo himself...I hated that part when I first started...but you can't tattoo anyone until you tattoo apprentice at City of Ink will go under training for about 3 years...once we feel they are ready, then the fun starts....

PS...don't forget to come out to City of Ink on APRIL 17th @ 7pm for Corey Davis's FIRST SOLO Art Show...I'm excited about this show!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 17th.....COREY DAVIS!!!

My babyboy, Corey Davis first solo art show will be on April 17th @ City of Ink of course....Corey have a few surprizes...see yall asses there!

Tuki Carter tattoos Rick Ross....

Yesterday I got a call saying Rick Ross was at the shop again, but this time he was getting a tattoo by Tuki Carter. We are honored that Mr. Ross decided to pick ATL's #1 Tattoo shop for his new ink...Yesterday Tuki tattooed just a small word on his face, but tonight Rick Ross will be back up there to get a real tattoo from the world famous, Tuki Carter....I can't tell yall the appointment time...too many wild girls in the area...LOL but it's going down again tonight. Yesterday Rick Ross did a live webcam show promoting his new album at City of props to that. He also did a guest appearance for our TV show (coming soon)....shoutout to Gino (Rick's main tattoo artist in MIA)...we will see you when were are in COI hits Miami..

To book a tattoo appointment with TUKI CARTER, call: 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed on sunday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Everyday life....

A lot of people ask me how do my day start...well, I usally wake up around the time my wife is getting my son ready for school. I get out the bed, look out the window, and say a prayer to myself. I ask the Most High to protect my childen, ask for my wife to make it to work safely and hope that everyone in my world have a blessed day and get home safe from their everyday lives. I then roll a blunt and do about 30 min of drawings. I try to remember all my dreams, and sketch it down real fast while it's fresh in my mind. My dreams are usally, business related, art related, and I'm a man so you know whatelse I dream about...but all those dreams are used for business ideas or for my artwork. I roll up a blunt, and began checking all my email. I get about 50-150 tattoo related emails per day. I smoke my blunt and reply back to ALL the emails. I want to stay close to my people so I don't let the City of Ink managers check my emails (I just let them set the appointments after I have replied back to their emails) Most of the time I don't even bring my cellphone home after all my boys house the crib. After the emails, I check my myspace page and reply back to all the messages...after myspace, I check my twitter and facebook accounts....I usally get some very inspiring messages on I stay on that site the longest...then I check my youtube page message..I get more business related messages on that site....people always asking me to post more videos of me tattooing and more of my personal side...and opinions on life..I then go to and type in "Miya Bailey" to read the lastest blogs and articles about me or City of Ink (I try to keep up with what the people are saying about us) this time I'm feeling good from the blunt. I work out for about 45 min. to an hour, turn on the TV (sometimes Demayne, Icky, or Mr. Soul will drop by after that and we smoke another one) I go to my closest put on some music..and depending on the music is how I will dress for the day..I feel fashion should be a major part of all artist lives. Clothing reflects how you feel about yourself and one of the best way to show expression...I mostly wear black..I have a serious black fetish...maybe it's because I love vampires so much...or maybe because I grew up reading some many Black Panther books...either way..I love black clothing....I take my sons Sponge Bob cd player and put in Purple Rain (Prince) or Love Supreme (John Coltrane)..I take the cd player in the bathroom with me and jump in the shower, I get in a zone and think about how my day at City of Ink will be and how much money I want to make that day...I then walk to work,..the reason I love walking is because thats the ONLY time I can be alone.. I'm always surrounded by people..and I feel all humans should have time of the other reasons I don't like taking my cell home with's only a 15 min. walk...I take a few photos on my walk to work...I love taking pictures of misc things I see in the street...and I put them all in my artwork...I walk inside City of Ink and ask Samba who is my first appointment for the day, he introduce me to my first appt...sit down next to them and ask them their spending budget and their tattoo bout yall just check out this video..City of Ink life.....

LOVE...friendship..and Loyalty

I try to surround myself with positive souls only. I have some really good friends in my life, even some of the groupies who aren't really into the art movement are cool ass hell...and everyone services a purpose. I believe everyone cross paths for a reason, good or bad..we learn from each other. I have an open mind so I welcome anyone in my world who is willing to have an open mind and don't judge friends are good to family is good to me...I'm really blessed. Even the people I have cut off for personal reasons, I'm also thankful for them for teaching me lessons in life...Everytime I walk into City of Ink I can feel LOVE...that place was fueled by love. We didn't have any money, but we had love for each other, and we worked VERY hard to make sure it was a perfect place for people new to our lifestyle. I just want to thank City of ink, The Bailey Family, The Prophet Family, Binkis, Jungle 45, Patchwerks, Asheville, and THE PEOPLE for believing in me...the older I grow the happier I become....I feed off of life..and I wish everyone would find their inner peace inside...because I'm working on my inner peace with SELF....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Little Peacock Tattoo....

Me and this young lady always have the best convos...she told me about a story, when she went to Cuba and got to meet up with Assata Shakur. That story along inspired me, and she never stress me about time..she let me eat first before I start the tattoo... you won't believe how many people get mad because you want to take a break before you start the next appointment...but she is always I had to share one of my favorite clients to the world....thanks sis!

This tattoo is also a COVER-UP...but I had forgot to take the "before" pictures...maybe we got a picture of her old know when u smoke you forget get the small things...

Friday, April 3, 2009

My dreams...happiness

I have one more tattoo to do tonight. I'm a lil' tired but I'm a man I can handle a few more hours. I bought a couple of movies from the movie man that comes by with all the new shit. I got something nice to smoke..and I think I still have some wine at the I'm going straight home and relax to a Hollywood night. I'm at a happy place in my life...and I really do feel blessed. The people are supporting City of Ink and believing in our dream..and the people can see it grow into reality...It's amazing to see your baby grow up. I only lose one friend (he know who he is) in this raise of City of Ink...and it's always good to drop negative energy so I don't feel bad for that lame at all...have a blessed life, fight your inner demons, and once your man enough to talk face to face I will be here ready for that invite....Within this 30 days, we have been featured in INKED magazine (again), URBAN INK (again), and PLAYBOY's A-List for best tattoo shops just 2 days is good...I'm feeling good..and all I want to do is see my family, kick off my shoes and be close to my love ones....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kirituhi vs Meaning

I am always asked to design work that holds meaning for the wearer. The word Kirituhi is Maori for ‘Skin Art’ although visually similar in the look of TaMoko, especially if the style is based on the Maori tribal patterns but the meanings held withing are very different.

As a none Maori the meanings withheld in the patterns and shapes can NOT mean anything specific, within Moko the symbolism, shapes and references indicate a specific, tribe, family, job, status and lineage within society. The Moko itself is a historic ledger of and the markings are specific to the ancestors of the individual, therefore as a none Maori person wanting to wear a tattoo inspired by Maori artwork, cannot have the same connection through the Moko as a Maori person, understandably.

However, tattooing is a very personal experience and the reason people get tattoos is wide and various. Kirituhi tattoos themselves stand for protection, growth and new beginnings and learning. Above that as a none Maori, no tribal meaning can be claimed from the patterns you wear in the same way Tamoko is for the Maori wearing Moko.

Kirituhi is a ever expanding artform, constantly developing and pushing it's own boundries. Recent design hybrids with Maori based Kuro and Celtic/Native American inner patterns are being designed within the tattoo. This crossover lends itself more to the idea of applying meaning to a Moko design on a person of a different ancestory origin to the Maori/Polynesian people.

PLAYBOY Magazine has listed City of Ink on their "A-LIST" for BEST Tattoo Shop!

Playboy Magazine has listed City of Ink as one of the best tattoo shop on their "A-LIST" of tattoo shops....we are HONORED and thankful to Playboy magazine and the writer Jason for believing on out movement...things are changing for us and we are blessed, humbled and thankful for ALL the support from all over the world...

Check out the link from Playboy magazine:

This is what Playboy wrote about us:

While everyone and their soccer mom focuses on tattoo TV shows, the African-American tattoo world is undergoing an under-the-radar renaissance. As high-profile inked hip-hop stars grab the mike, a legion of artists are grabbing tattoo machines and pushing the art forward. Atlanta's City of Ink is one shop at the center of the evolution. Owners Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter relocated the shop from North Carolina with a plan to re-think the way they approached the art of tattooing. (Namely, no more gangster imagery.) The bright pink and purple shop includes a resident DJ who drops beats as Bailey, Carter and resident artists Corey Davis, Chris McAdoo, Melvin Todd, Ant and Sophie lay down everything from comic book art to spiritual images, all bursting in color. The shop's rep and vibe have attracted Usher, Young Jeezy and other stars who come in to cruise the shop's art gallery and spend time getting inked. Don't worry—they can handle any skin type, even pasty white boy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Initial Design Sketch 'Back Piece'

Design, originally uploaded by Kirituhi.


Tattooing Aftercare
Recommended ointments include Prep H, Bepanthan, Tattoo Goo

What is Normal
Itching, burning, Stinging, bruising, redness, swelling and some discomfort.
The formation of crusty looking scabs.
Pale or dull colours in the tattoo during the first two weeks of healing
(This is just new skin healing up, your tattoo will be back and bright in just a few days).

What Not to Do
Pick it, scratch it or play with the scab.
Expose your tattoo to untreated water such as lakes, streams or ponds.
Soak your tattoo for any length of time
(Exposure to water must be brief enough to prevent the scab from softening).
Expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or sun-beds until fully healed.
Over apply ointment to your tattoo.
Apply lotion to wet or damp skin.
Take the advice of others.

Cleaning (Use Antibacterial soap)
Remove dressing in one hour (DO NOT RE-APPLY).
Wash hands first and then your tattoo very well with antibacterial soap
Pat dry with a new clean paper towel.
Continue to wash your tattoo in this way 2 -3 times a day for the next 7 – 10 days.

Lotion (Use none fragrant/Dye free lotion)
Wait 24 hrs after being tattooed to start applying any lotion.
On the first day of application, only apply a pea size amount of lotion to your dry skin.
On the 2nd day apply the same amount twice at different times in the day.
On the 3rd day apply the same amount three times during the day (repeat for two weeks).

Using too much lotion will draw out the colour in your tattoo and can cause many complications.
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and be nice to your new tattoo.


Just like to thank you very much indeed for your amazing work and this is my testimonial to your skill:

Upon entering the studio I was met by Tony who was extremely friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable in the studio - I had a few pictures of ideas I liked and was very impressed to find that Tony personally knew of the artists! We had a discussion as to the sort of thing I wanted and next he began with the outline throughout which he was constantly making sure I approved of the ideas. My piece all in all took 7.5 hours during which Tony was really professional and attentive, taking breaks whenever I required. Tony created amazing work, to the point I can hardly believe he did it freehand - stressing the point he truly  is an artist with a lot of skill and just as much interest is his art making it well worth the journey 350 miles south to see him. Thanks again Tony, love it! 

P.S Don't forget to send me a business card if you do make them with my piece.

Michael (Fort William, Scotland)

After a couple of years since my last tattoo due to not rarely finding a decent artist within a reasonable distance of where I lived and also the nature of the style I wanted my next one to be(Graffiti) I was given a heads up from a good friend and he put me in touch with Tony. From the moment I got in touch with him and tried in my own way of telling him what I was after he was a true pro. After agreeing a style Tony got to work on my Piece free hand and off the top of his head and well my thoughts straight away were WOW this guy is a true Artist and has a god given talent and on top of that he loves what he does. After searching for a long time I had and have found the artist I was looking for and you know what Tony is a proper nice bloke indeed, I still have to go for a second session very soon and cannot wait for it to be finished. Tony my friend maximum respect for the work so far. Outstanding work, awesome artist ,versatile .................A pleasure indeed.

Kevin (Nottingham)

I had been searching for somewhere and someone to do my tattoo for over 2 years. I'd traveled Australia and New Zealand and learnt a lot about the Maori culture and what the tattoo's mean, I decided this was what I wanted to remind me of my traveling and something that was special, different and my own. So once I got back I started the search, the last thing I wanted was to go to a tattoo shop and choose a print off the wall, after all this was my first tattoo. After 2 years I came across a forum in New Zealand, I first searched it out to see if I could get any feedback from them about any artists in the UK. However, I found a page where someone had already posted and there'd been quite a few responses most notably this one - "Inia Taylor (Moko art) is good, also Tony Unwin (Kirituhi) is also world class, hes actually based in Nottingham UK." (Inia Taylor is kind of a god when it comes to this kind of Maori/Kirituhi art). This was posted from someone in New Zealand, so with a bit of research and a meeting with Tony, here it was... I was finally getting my tattoo!!!

From start to finish Tony was awesome, I was quite nervous considering this was my first one but he made me feel at home and I soon relaxed. I can't fault Tony with his work, he listened to the kind of style I was after and how I wanted it on my leg, with that said he set about the design. Everything seemed to flow and I loved everything about it. After 10 hours and 3 sittings my leg was finished, I'm still in awe of it now. It's just a shame it's not warm enough yet for me to wear shorts so I can see it all the time!!!

If this is your thing, and you want something in the style that Tony specialises I could not recommend him enough, in fact to do any kind of work. If I have anything else I'll do my best to get Tony to do it for me!!!
Jonathan Midlands UK

"If you ever need a sign of faith in Tony's work and ability here it is: I travelled all the from the other side of the planet - Vancouver to be exact - to get Tony to design and ink my tattoo!

Right from the beginning Tony was super-friendly, open and encouraging from the start - helping me formulate an idea of the kind of design i had been trying to devise myself for years and also putting my mind to ease as to his experienced and in-depth knowledge of Kirituhi and Maori/Polynesian art and culture.

We went back and forth on email for weeks leading upto my trip to the UK, and once i got there Tony's warm hospitality and creativity was welcoming and inspirational. My design was a big one and took a while - and it also happened to be my first tattoo - but Tony's fantastic sense of humour and understanding got me through it.

I can't reccomend Tony enough - if you truly care about getting the best possible art done, with care, creativity, special attention and understanding then go the extra mile and make sure you have the pleasure to have your tattoo designed and produced by Tony Unwin. I can't wait to catch up with him again Canada-side again one day soon. Cheers Tony!"

Sushant Vancouver, CA

Having taken a long time to decide what kind of tattoo I wanted I eventually settled for a polynesian style design. I researched many artists and tattoo parlours to ensure I got exactly what I wanted. Tony had fantastic feedback and after a few consultations we agreed on the final design. Nothing is too much trouble for Tony and he is absolutely dedicated to his work. Meeting someone with a passion for his work and the skill to execute his ideas filled me with confidence. He is a consumate professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony to my friends and family. I can safely say I will be having other tattoo's in the future, I just hope Tony isn't too busy and can fit me in! Thanks again Tony. I'm delighted with the outcome

Kurtis Litchfield

Before contacting Tony I had been researching Maori/Polynesian tattoo meanings for over a year. I have known what i wanted for a while and have just been searching for the best tattooist to do the work. For me, as a tattoo stays with your for life it is vital for it to be perfect and good quality, therefore I was always willing to travel anywhere in the UK and pay any amount to have the tattoo completed to a high standard. So, when I was directed to Tony's website I was impressed by his previous work and to find out he was not far from me was a huge bonus.

Prior to starting the process I emailed Tony a basic overview of what i wanted the tattoo to represent and a few pictures showing the size and placement I was looking for. Before starting the tattoo Tony drew the basic outlines straight onto my skin to get the perfect fit for my body. Once it was all drawn up I looked in the mirror and could not wait to have it completed in ink.

Now the tattoo is finished and healed it looks incredible. I had always imagined my tattoo to look the same as the photos i had sent to Tony but he has taken those ideas and put his own slant on them and made my tattoo look 100% unique and I am so happy with the outcome. He has managed to make the lines and patterns flow perfectly with the contours of my arm, chest and shoulder. He has also got all the meanings and symbols that i wanted to represent specific aspects of my life so the tattoo means a lot to me. Since having the tattoo completed less than a week ago three of my friends have taken Tony's details to have their own tattoos done by him too.

Thanks for the work Tony, I will definitely be coming back to have the tattoo extended in the near future.

Zico UK

Tony has done a great piece for me, he tattooed a design I commissioned Greg Ashwell to do for me.
Greg lives in New Zealand and did a full chest piece on me some years back while I was there traveling. I can't make the trip to NZ currently so Tony has done it and it looks great.
The design is genuine Maori and has great significance to me. It is a celebration of where I am at in my life journey.
Tony has a wonderful understanding of what traditional Maori and other native styles of tattooing means, which was very important to me.
I had a great experience all the way through, he did a great job and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of being in his home.
I thoroughly recommend Tony to anyone, especially those who are serious about getting a tattoo that is really connective, and means something.

Richard Kent

From start to finish the process of design to the ink going on could not have been better. Tony took the time to get to know me and discuss the type of design I was after. I already had the shark tattoo but felt it was just lacking something. After an initial chat and brief design I knew Tony was the man for the job. His obvious passion and knowledge for this style of tattooing shines through and he is the only person I would go to. His reputation is well deserved.
If you want a truly individual design that you just can't stop looking at then Tony is your man. The end result feels completely right on my arm and I am proud to be wearing Tony's art for the rest of my life.

Steve Craner/Nottingham, UK

Firstly, for me, tattoo's are a very symbolic, and personal addition to their wearer – traditionally they are seen in all civilisations and hold special meanings, from rites of passage, marks of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, pledges of love, and protection. When I decided to have a new tattoo, researching and finding the right artist was the most important thing to do, to ensure the final result was all I hoped it would be.

Since the first contact with Tony, you realise there is a person with a real passion about what he does. His knowledge and skill in Polynesian / Maori Kirituhi tattooing means there is no other choice if you want a bespoke piece of work that holds a personal meaning to symbolise why you are getting that tattoo. After talking through why and what I wanted in my new pieces, and how that would go with my existing tattoo's - Tony started his magic. In every step from just talking about a tattoo, to smelling of pen while he free hands his designs, to being inked - Tony is a complete professional, his attention to detail, and ambition to have every line meet his own high standards shows in all of his work you will see in his galleries. I am proud to wear his work, knowing it is completely unique and that he has put his heart and soul into creating something that means so much to me.

Tony – the tattoo’s are awesome, cheers buddy
Colin Glenn/Portsmouth, UK

My half sleeve has been finished a couple of days and i still can't stop looking at it. From the moment I starting talking with Tony up until the finishing ink, he has been a consumate professional. He is truly knowledgable and very talented at what he does, plus the man loves doing it which makes a huge difference. The design process was very cool and really interesting. He makes you feel at ease and welcome within seconds of being there. Thanks Tony for the great work and experience, hopefully see you in The Green Room in the near future, if i can convince Hayley. Oh, by the way he makes a mean cuppa.

Thanks again bro, I love my tatt.

Tim Coventry/Glasbury

I've just had a half sleeve Kirituhi design applied to my left arm and am delighted with the end result. I have wanted a Maori style tattoo for a long time and done a lot of research before stumbling upon Tony's site. The two hour drive put me off at first but the examples of Tony's work and the testimonials from previous clients made my mind up and in the end it was completely worth it. Tony is a top bloke and really knows his stuff, I got their at about 1030am and was all done by 5pm leaving me with a tattoo that exceeded expectations. If anyone is considering getting a Maori inspired tattoo then Tony is the man to see even if you have to travel it will be worth it in the end.
Dave, Widnes

Tony, i just have to say one thing. AMAZING. This is just over from what i expect. I can't wait to get tattoo. As soon as i have it i will send you a picture.

Sebastian Espinosa, Chilli

Tony is the consummate professional. I spent months researching Kirituhi, trying to find a UK artist that not only produced great work, but also had a deep understanding of the cultural aspects of Kirituhi. From my first conversation with Tony, I realized that I found the artist that I was looking for. Tony discussed and described the intricacies of the type of design I was looking for and delivered an amazing piece of work. I was totally blown away by the finished tattoo; it met my expectations and more. Tony's personal approach and deep cultural understanding really set him apart. I can fully understand why people travel from all over the UK and overseas to work with Tony. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks again for the amazing work.

Andy M - London UK


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