Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Gots To Dodo What You Gots To Dodo

Erik the viking came by to show his healed dodo.


FOUR TWENTY FOUR SEVEN PT. 1 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

The City of Ink family ventures into the Netherlands to partake in their very own Cannabis Cup, on an effortless journey to find out who has the best bud in Amsterdam. [Shot by Corey Davis]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tattoo Freeze Convention...

Ironic that in the grip of the worst snow falls in the UK for years. Tony has been invited to attend the Tattoo Freeze Convention in Telford, UK in Jan. Pop by and say hi...


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Ask

.....just.... don't ask!

Melvin Todd: 420 Clock Tattoo

City of Ink's Melvin Todd did it AGAIN... I love this piece.. Perfect placement... Bold line work... Soft smooth shading...and it's reppin' 420.. So y'all know I'm feeling that.. Great job Melvin... Please follow Melvin Todd on Twitter @tat2king and check out his website http://melvintodd.com he now booking tattoo appointments at the Atlanta City of Ink.. Call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm mon-sat

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Location:323 Walker St. Atlanta GA 30313

December @ COI: Corey Davis & Paper Frank

The Son of COI, Corey Davis returns to ATL to tattoo from Dec. 4-12.. He is now booking tattoo appointments please call 404-525-4465 mon-sat 1pm-10pm for info. http://IamCoreyDavis

On Dec.10th artist, Paper Frank will be having his first COI art show... Frank is also my newest student, I love this young man's drive and passion for art... He reminds me a lot of Corey Davis at his age....a new generation of City of Ink "Dripping Stars" let's welcome Paper Frank... And I hope to see everyone at his art show "Monster" Friday Dec. 10th @ 7pm-11pm (free admission no dress code) just come as yourself and enjoy the art and music...

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Castleberry Hill: Street Art "Part 2"

Part 2 of the Castleberry Hill "Street Art" series...I can't wait to see more.... I hope they cover the area in art like this... Blank walls are boring and wasted space... Cover it up with art! Bomb the city of ATL Graf writers!

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Castleberry Hill: Street Art "Part 1"

A lot of new street art has been showing up in downtown Atlanta's Castleberry Hill Art District... Here is a piece that's in front of City of Ink... These 2 artists did an amazing job.. I will be posting more of this street art series..

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Location:Peters Street, Atlanta GA 30313

TATTOO: Abstract Thoughts (2nd Session)

This is the 2nd session to an abstract sleeve I'm working on... He wanted the "trademark MB eye" the second session I added some color...just wanted to share this with y'all... Ohhhh I'm now booking tattoo appointments for January call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm mon-sat

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Wake Up...

Since I have been working on my book.. I have been waking up pretty early ready and inspired for the next day of drawing...I always had a bad sleeping problem... I even went to a doctor for the problem... I started morning jogging..eatting breakfast ... But I think this book is helping my mind the most... Releasing those ideas I've had on my mind on paper is helping me sleep now...a lifestyle change was needed....being able to sleep now feels amazing... Less things on my mind to keep me up at night.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


For you peoples whom didn't get yesterdays post.
We will be having a Dj over, Dj Fiësto will be entertaining the in-house crowd all day.
So it might be fun to drop by and check it out.

As for the fact that there aren't any pictures in this post, is because I'm lazy and don't want to get up and walk over to the camera, pick up the camera, carry it all the way back to my chair, take out the flash card, put the pictures on my computer, upload them to the blog and think of something smart or funny to say about them.

Instead of typing that whole story I guess I just could have gotten up and got the camera anyway, ohh well... to late for that.

Better luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Prisca, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Jets Geht Loss!!


Mit "Ab in den Suden" wurde DJ Fiësto über Nacht zum Star.
Der Hit war 25 (!) Wochen in den Charts, erreichte "Gold"-Status und brachte DJ Fësto eine Nominierung für den deutschen Musikpreis "Echo" ein.

Seitdem landet DJ Fiësto einen Hit nach dem anderen ("Mama Mallorca", "Schneewalzer", "Heute wird gefeiert", "Ich hab Dich schon mal schlanker gesehen").
Jetzt startet DJ Fiësto mit dem Partykracher "ciao ciao mein schnuckelpüppe" in die Winter-Saison 2010.

For you whom don't speak German, YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ohhh Baby I Like It Raw!

Florencio gave me the most gangsterous tattoo ever today.

It's a portrait of the greatest rapper alive. Well, he's not alive anymore, he went to Miami a couple of years ago, after he was assassinated by the C.I.A.

Rest In Miami Dirt McGirt.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Twenty Four Seven [Trailer]

Follow the City of Ink family as they venture into the Netherlands for the first time to partake in their very own Cannabis Cup, on an effortless journey to find out who has the best bud smoking in Amsterdam. Starring Miya Bailey, Corey Davis and Samba Sillah. Coming 11.29.10 at www.creativecontrol.tv

...Corey Davis


SOMEWHERE OVER THE POND EPISODE 4 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

City of Ink walks through the streets of Downtown London to discover a Hip-Hop Karaoke event.

Tuki Carter & the Art Battle

I alway miss Tuki's Hollyweerd shows because of work but Saturday night I got off work early to see Tuki in action in this art battle...I did it last year so this time it was my brothers turn.... I get excited when I see Tuki doing art... I know music is his passion but it was art that brought me, him & City of Ink together...art was something we did for a living to feed our families we never knew it would grow into an art lifestyle movement all over the world...i'm very proud of Tuki Carter....oneday I will own one of his paintings.....here is a look at the painting he did for the battle step by step...amazing talent he did the painting the sameday as the event (like always) me & Tuki are planning our very first artshow together I'm excited about that!!

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