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Este es un tatuaje por el luchador magnífico.

Un hecho interesante # 2391:
En realidad, hay una estatua dorada de Buda de la vida real en Bangkok, que tiene el récord mundial de mayor estatua de oro en el mundo.
La estatua es de 3 metros de altura y pesa 5,5 toneladas, se cree que se han realizado durante el período de Sukhothai en el siglo 13.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miya Bailey Q&A "Part 4"

Miya Bailey QnA Pt 4 from artemus jenkins on Vimeo.

The 4th QnA of the series features Miya speaking on African-Americans and religion, as well as his short lived period as a 9-5er

$50 Tattoos in NYC by Sophie

New Yorkers, City of Ink's Sophie is having a $50 Tattoo Special... Send her an email and get some work from COI's first lady....

Sophie C'est la Vie
Fashion Stylist | Tattoo Artist | Kung Fu Dollface

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Spring Is Coming

Willem did this here swallow a couple of weeks ago.

Swallows were often the first to land on a ship that had been out to sea for long periods of time. So the bird came to symbolize being close to or finding your way home. That's why the tattoo of the swallow became popular for its symbolism of home.

The swallow is also the harbinger of the spring season.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saudara Selamanya

Two brothers came in to get the same tattoo, the one you see here on the picture, only I was so clever not to take a picture of the other one.

Go me!! I rock!

Monday, January 24, 2011


cb2, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Harriet Tubman Tattoo

For 2011.. I really want to focus on doing more soulful portrait style pieces.... Mixed with a touch of abstract fine art...going to Paris really inspired my art in a different way... I really hope people embrace this style.. For example I want to do a Ray Charles piece..funkadelic colors... As if you were tripping off shrooms....I get excited thinking about it...I Just want to create new styles so I don't get bored...please don't limit your ideas based off what you think I can't do... I study ALL styles of tattooing... I just have to put my own twist to it... So in the honor of the soldier Harriet Tubman... I let her spirit guide me in this tattoo... This piece is very special to me...once it's healed.. I will get one of my photographer buddies to shoot it... And thanks Kevin for being my canvas.. Much love & respect bruh

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Question Everything You See

I was kind awestruck today when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. When I turned to look what it was, I saw a wild Willem, totally in shock I ran to get my camera so I could document this rare occurence.

I got to take a picture of the Willem in his natural habitat, foraging for food I think.

Luckily the beast was unaware of my presence, so I could study it in its natural behaviour for a couple of minutes before it disappeared into the deep of night again.

There is not much known about this particular species of Willem, except for that it survives on a diet of Coca-Cola and cookies, preferably brownies. It is said that the Willem lives in dark and moist places, like caves or the man-made basements or attics.

It only comes out of its hiding place to feed, collect drawing utensils and in the mating season, wich is all year round, it comes out to seduce female Willems with its manly beard, wich can grow to fierce proportions.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tighty Whitey

Roger dropped this bom diggedy cherrie blossom sleeve a while back, it ain't done yet.
I'm sure he'll hit the homie up some time in the near future for the rest of his ink, yo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something Fishy

Lovley Lucy got her neck finished the otherday, this was the aftermath.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bigger Picture

Here's the rest of Saturdays post.

Very appropriate design choice, a phoenix. Seeing that it is a cover-up, the phoenix, representing second chances, fits quite well in the picture.

Note to reader: It's half-healed-half-fresh, that's why the contrast is higher on some places than others.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sorry, but I'll have to leave you in suspense this whole weekend.

It's a cover up sleeve.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Color Outside the Lines: Sophie

We finished up Sophie's scenes in the film...I'm getting more & more excited about this film.. AJ is really on point... I'm so glad we partnered up on this project.. Color Outside the Lines.. Coming SOON!!

When Old School Was Just School

Mehdi decided to come in today, dressed in appropriate attire.

This is the way tattooers used to dress and look like, before crazy bald and bearded men on motorcycles came and disgraced the etiquette.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Turning Back

If only I could turn back the hands of time.
I'm such a retard! This girl came in today to get a cover-up in her neck.

She had this ugly initial of her ex in her neck, wich she didn't like anymore, for obvious reasons.

So we made her a nice pink sakura cover-up, only I didn't make a before picture! You'll just have to imagine how it looked before.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Listen And Thou Shalt Hear

Here is a special post for all you whiney cry babies, whom need my wise words to lead you to the light.

A wise man once said: 'It's better to have two in the pink and one in the stink, than nothing in the pink at all.'

Now go think about that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Throw Em Out

Here's an anchor, my main man, Roger Merling Meijer did a while ago.

She'll be back soon to get it colored, I'll make sure to put the picture on here as soon as it's finished.

Monday, January 10, 2011

J is for Junkie [Trailer]

J is for Junkie [Trailer] in the words of Corey Davis....

“This is my first serious attempt at film making… Growing up I never had a father, because he was out running the streets getting high… Right around the time I was born, the mid 80’s, African-American communities across the country was struck by the crack epidemic. Which robbed us our prideful culture and instantly perverted it into a counter-culture where playgrounds became warzones and families were destroyed.

Growing up, I never really respected junkies… I Just always knew they couldn’t be trusted and they made fucked up decisions… But one day in October, I decided to start filming a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the “Living Room” who share their stories and tell us what it’s like to live with a deadly addiction to crack-cocaine. Their stories would change me forever…” [Directed by Corey Davis]

Corey Davis film debut: J is for Junkie

The words of Corey Davis on his film...
In October, 2010 I began shooting a documentary called J is for Junkie about a group crack addicts in Atlanta who live outside in a small cove behind a Texaco, infamously dubbed as the “Living Room.” I spent 3 days interviewing and shadowing them to get a glimpse into their lives. The film was initially inspired by my father, who has been addicted to crack-cocaine my whole life, but once I finished shooting I realized these peoples stories had changed me forever…

This will be the first in a series of documentaries I’m doing on the marginal people of America called “The Glamor series”. Unfortunately, all I am able to share with you now is this poster art. Stay tuned & enjoy. [Photo by Corey Davis, Design by Mr. Soul]


James1, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

I enjoy doing different styles of work from time to time. Enjoyable challenge.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second Time Round

Niels was in the shop again today, so I snapped some pictures of the Amaterasu sleeve, without half of the stencil still on it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life And Death

Willempies younger brother came by today to get his leg photographed.
Sorry for not shaving his legs, but I'm not so into the whole man-shaving-man thing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Protect Ya Neck

Remember our favorite and last customer of 2010, Verena, whom brought us the cupcakes?

Well, this is how her arm turned out .

It's a mix of a chinese Guardian Lion and space invaders.
The Guardian Lions are more commonly known as Fu Dogs.
Tradition says that the placing of two large statues of male and female lions near the entrance of an establishment was intended to ward off evil spirits and protect from enemies and thieves. So they naturaly stand for protection.

The male dog stands taller than the female and under his right paw is a ball representing the world and life. The female has a baby Fu Dog under her left paw, representing family. The female is placed to the left while the male is placed to the right of the entrance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am a Dream Chaser [Movie Trailer]

Trailer for "I Am A Dream Chaser". A documentary featuring 5 people based in Atlanta who are successfully living their DREAM! Directed by Darrick Patterson - dapa Entertainment

Miya Bailey meets MONA LISA

SALE GOSSE 3 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Miya Bailey and company venture out to the Louvre for selfies with the most mysterious figure of all time. Music by Asston Kusher.

Journey of Mr. Rager

Journey of Mr. Rager from akidnamedGENK on Vimeo.

a documentary for the fans that came with
Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (Deluxe Edition)

Old interview on Kid Cudi on How he Became his dream

Old interview on Kid Cudi on How he Became his dream

I Do Say

I was on a road trip today, to find the place they call "the middle of nowhere", and I found it. It was nice there, nice and relaxing. I might go back there every once in a while.

The downside of this whole road trip of mine is that, I wasn't at the shop today, so there's little I can talk about.

However I do have a picture, for you. So you don't have anything to complain about your favorite blogger not doing his blogging right.

City of Ink's 4th Annual Art show: Fri. FEB 25

Just be there!!! Friday FEB. 25, 2011 7pm-11pm the 4th Annual City of Ink anniversary art show... If you are an artist and you feel your art would fit the theme of this art show please call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm or just email me samples of your paintings, art, etc to:

Testing this thing out..

Tuki turned me on to this new iPhone camera app... It's pretty dope.. It's gives your photos a vintage look.. Thanks for info Bruh... I'm testing this bitch out now..

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Icons by Jim Lee

I was in the comic book store the other day and saw a book from my favorite comic book artist "Jim Lee" I have been following his work since the 90's when he was the artist for X-Men... I collect anything this man does... I only wish he would go back to Marvel Comics with his talent... I'm not a fan of DC comics I can't front.. I was raised on would be a dream come true if he returned back to X-Men again...but I can't be picky so if I have to buy a DC comic just to see the art of Jim Lee so be it... I wanted to buy his book "Icons" but I'm saving up money to open the Brooklyn & DC City of Ink stores... So I had to cut back on my comic books, magazines, sneakers, and even weed...the things we have to give up to stay focused on your dreams & goals... If this book popped up at the shop for me it would REALLY make my day... Hint if your a fan of amazing comic book art... Check out Jim Lee's ICONS. That pencil drawing cover is just beautiful to me!

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Tattoos by Chris McAdoo @ City of Ink

One of City of Ink's founders... Chris Mcadoo has FINALLY launched his website...y'all know I'm excited about this one... Y'all always see me write about Corey, Melvin, Sophie... But Chris has been focusing mostly on his music career...we had a sitdown and told him "to use balance and treat ALL your talents equally" I think he understand the point and yesterday his new tattoo website went up. Lastnight Chris also gave me a sneak preview of his first solo album (Corey Davis been telling me it was a DOPE project but I had to listen to it myself) he did an amazing job... The music fits his lifestyle perfectly.. And he really paints pictures with his words.. They are felt... Chris music sounds pure... NOW if we can only get Chris McAdoo painting AGAIN (4th Annual COI Art show Feb.25) He was always one of my favorite painters..would love to see him attack a canvas the sameway he attacks the mic.... Y'all check out Chris's website out:

To book Chris McAdoo for a tattoo appointment please call: 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm or drop by for a walk-in @ 323 Walker Street, Atlanta GA 30313

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UPDATE: Color Outside the Lines

We have been working hard on the first tattoo film about the lives & struggles of the black tattoo artists nationwide...we named it "Color Outside the Lines" and it will be released later this are a few photos & stills from the film... I will keep you updated.. If you know of any African American tattoo artists you feel should be featured in this movie please email me @ I'm always looking for artist that have their own signature style of custom tattooing..

"Photos by Artemus Jenkins"
twitter: artemusjenkins

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 And Counting

So here we are again, 2011, nothing changed, everything is pretty much the same as a week ago. Just a week later. A week older. A week closer to imminent death!

Oh yeah, before I spoil the whole mood by just complaining!
I wish everyone a happy and delicious 2011 and Willem made a hyper-realistic eye on a lower arm today.

Monday, January 3, 2011


dean, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

This full leg wrap was done in one sitting. Dean had been looking for a Maori Kirituhi Tattoo Artist for about 2 years before he found this web site, that he now appears on.