Saturday, July 31, 2010

Koi Fish Tattoo (adding colors)

I just added color to my homegirls koi fish tattoo... She sat very well... I'm proud of her...i'm VERY gentle so if you can get in a zone I promise you it isn't bad at all... Most people fall asleep on me

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Location:323 walker street Atlanta GA 30313

You Don't Get It Do You?

What are you doing, looking here? It's weekend, go out and have fun!
Bottoms up.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Snakes On A Plane

Our caveman Willem, started on this little guy today. It's snakes on a plane... without the plane, and just one snake. So not actually snakes on a plane, but still it's just as awesome.
It's not finished yet, he is still going to add color to it.

On the other side of the fence, Roger continued on this black and grey flower sleeve. It's full of flowers you don't usually see on tattoos, wich makes it pretty interesting.
Some of those flowers only grow on rocks if I got it right, hence the rock in there aswell.

Tattoo Photography Show @ Adidas store

Yesterday I went over to Lenox mall... At the Adidas store there was a photography show featuring body art... The photos were shot by Kat Goduco ( and to my surprize I had about 3-4 of my pieces featured in the show... Her pieces sell for only $150 each...Here are a few of the photos

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Location:Lenox Mall

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Good Ol' Ass Whoopin'

Mehdi thought it might be funny to show us all why he still is the boss around here.

So he did this here flower sleeve freehand, so no stencils, just a couple of markers and the rest was needles and ink.

I dont feel like typing any more, I'm just going to curl up in a corner and cry now, bye.

Rabbit Bailey: Update

Everyday Rabbit grows and learns something new.... I'm so glad I got this French of my best investments yet...he makes me laugh allday with something new... He's best I won't trade him for nothing... Rabbits almost 6 months old, he sleeps a lot, very relaxed, lazy, and don't mess with any of my stuff at my art studio...this dog is now apart of me.... I'm very thankful to have him... Dogs are man's best friend

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Tattooing in Asheville

I was in Asheville tattooing Monday & Tuesday on my days
off work... Some people ask me why I still go home to tattoo when I don't make any money there? To be honest it very hard and I can bearly afford to tattoo in my hometown....but I really want to see my people back home understand the "Art of Tattooing" I had one person get mad because I couldn't give them the same price I gave them 4 years ago before City of Ink opened...I'm 35 years old I can't do the same type of art or give you the same price I gave you 4 years ago...the hotel rooms are about $120-$150 a night so how can I do a tattoo for $50 and afford to pay for my stay in Asheville? So I want to thank everyone who set their appointment 3 Months in advance so I could use the deposits to pay for the rental car and hotel is one of the pieces I did back home... I'm trying to open their minds up to more color style tattoos and to break the stereotypes of praying hands, crosses, and name tattoos... It's time to bring "Skin Paintings" to these small cities like Asheville

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Sexy Tattoo by Tuki Carter

Here is another example of following the curves of the female body when tattooing.. This piece was done by my partner, Tuki Carter when he was up in NYC tattooing less than 2 weeks ago....this is what City of Ink is known for.... Body art that don't just look like a "tattoo" but flow like a "Skin Painting"

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Location:323 Walker Street Atlanta GA 30313

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sexy Waist Tattoo...

The mistake I see a lot of tattoo artists make when tattooing a woman is they tattoo them just like they're tattooing a man....I feel body art on the female body should flow with grace... And follow all her curves....tattoos should never look manly on a woman...the "art of sexy" is having your eyes follow the art which ride those beautiful curves.

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Location:323 Walker Street Atlanta GA 30313

Dream On

Today we have a teeny tiny bit of script by Roger.

As promised, I would post more script tattoos, even the small ones. I particularly like this one because it made me think of "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Great song, great letters, great big Roger in the background, what a great day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

La Cucaracha

We got these new cookies wich are suspiciously addictive. Once you have had a few of these cookies, you really start questioning their name, and if they were legally prepared by an authorized bakery.

They might even be more addictive than crack itself, come to think of it, I feel the urge again. Need......mooore...... neeed .....snacky cracky

I'm also the proud owner of a new Willem "The Wildman" Jansen on my leg.

It's a death killer Madagascar hissing cockroach from hell, it even has radioactive knees, how awesome is that!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mountains of Asheville

When I need to escape from Atlanta....I go home...I sit in the mountains and reflect on my life... My struggles and kill all negative energy... Looking at those mountains I know God is out there and how humans are only just part of the world and NOT the owners of Earth.... It's crazy to see the nature of man and how mankind would destroy trees, and land for self gain.... God is real and wittnessing the evil actions of man makes me want to seprated myself from people.... But I have faith in mankind.... Maybe women are the secret to saving this planet...their emotions and their nurturing nature would heal the souls of any troubled is the answer to all.... Clearly

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Asheville Pics 4 "My Dad"

Torry and my Dad bond over a game of computer chess....

Me and my dad talking on the porch.....

Son, Grandfather, and Father

My arm and my dad's arm... He has one of my first tattoos on his arm... The famous middle finger

Photos by Artemus Jenkins

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Asheville Pic 3

Fellow tattoo artists, checking out my ink.. They couldn't believe how bright colors show up on my skin tone....

Asheville is full street performers... Music is everywhere

Kevin chillin in the streets of Asheville....

Hippies & Ashevillians dance in the streets....

Photos by Artemus Jenkins

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Asheville Pics 2

Photos from Bele Chere....

This dude's skin was painted all white...he wouldn't move until money was put down then he would wake up like a robot and start playing music & singing again....

Me over in Hillcrest Public Housing (the projects) returning tattoo text messages.... My phone never stops

My homeboy, Chuck's Lil girl... She's a real star

Photos by Artemus Jenkins

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