Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random stuff...

Just some random inspiring stuff...

This photographer did a beautiful job on this photo... It's one of my clients from Miami....the brother has a nice the shadows

Just a photo of a sleeve me & Tuki are doing together on one of our DC clients...he posted it up on facebook and I had to post it up... Thanks bruh

I usally don't like cheesy MJ art but this piece is DOPE... I don't know who the artist is but if any of you know who did this painting please tell me his or her name.

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Chicago Nights & Weed

Walking from my hotel room... I thought about my life.. All the children...their safety in this crazy world.. Knowing I can't protect them from all pain... Thinking about my marriage and where we will both be in a year.... Together or apart? ....since forgiveness isn't easy all the time... How long will I be punished for not telling her the truth...and for my flaws....

After I got back to my room I looked at the news.. And these people were talking about weed... Is it crime or should it be legal.... 99% of everyone I know smokes weed... Who they fooling.. Chicago needs weed... These dudes wild...a fatherless region of young warriors with no guidance... No real leadership... Let them smoke their weed...I know my nerves bad and I need it to relax me and I'm just an artist... Just imagine a life where trying to stay alive is a Struggle... I wish they would just legalize it and focus on real American issues like the homeless and people who can't find jobs to eat their families...

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Say Cheese And Strike A Pose

You remember that special guest I was talking about last week? Well he came by today.

He didn't come to get tattooed, like you might expect of someone coming to a tattoo shop. Rather than that, he came by to ask Mehdi some questions. About his work, career and life.

That's because he is busy interviewing about 30 of the country's best tattoo artists. For a book he is writing. I can't tell you too much about it, for one, because I don't actually know much about it myself and of course because it's still an ultra hi-tech top-secret project, so don't tell anyone you got it from me.

Besides the interviews with Mehdi he also brought his mobile photo studio, so he could take some pictures of tattoos that Mehdi has done.
So we called some of our favorite clients, to see if we they could come by and get their picture taken.

And of course if we say favorite clients we couldn't forget our neighbourhood police man Dennis.

I'll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of the book, if I get any information about it. And of course I will let you know as soon as I know when it hits the stores.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guess Who's Back In Town

The wildman Willem is back. Believe it or not, he actually trimmed his beard, after reading the post I wrote about him while he was in Berlin.
Luckily he survived his trip, and hes back doing what he does best.
Bringing peace to the world!


davew, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.


dansess1, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

First sitting for Danny, who is rather giddy about his new Maori inspired Kirituhi Tattoo. plenty of fill and pattern yet to do.


kurtisdesign, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

This is a rough design for Kurtis. through my learning of Maori tattoo culture and the practice of tattooing, the flow of these tattoo's generally form themselves but as a tattooist you must allow the tattoo to develop naturally.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Glynnbaker, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Peek A Boo

A little sneak peek at the japanese flower sleeve Roger is working on.

Next week Willem will be back from his Beard-Rehab and there is a special guest coming to see Mehdi. It's all about an ultra hi-tech special top secret  mega zef zap rave project thats going to happen. So stay tuned and don't forget to come and get a Bunker Tattoo Crew T-shirt before they are all sold out, and grab a couple of stickers on your way out so we can deface the city.

Walking the street of Chicago

Yesterday was the first day of the tattoo convention... Both of my appointments showed up... I even got a tip (rare) y'all know some of "our" people don't be tipping.. So I was super thankful....

After a long day of working... We hit the streets of Chicago to explore the surroundings...

Chicago is a very beautiful city....From the buildings to the people....I don't have to tattoo Monday so I will get to check out "The Taste" that will be fun....I will post the tattoo photos later

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Ray Ray is on vacation.

And so, I am left to my own devices. And we all know how well that works.

I have lots of new stuff, will try and get some pics and info out about em today. Or, you could just make it easy on me and just swing by the store and check em out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Come Get Some

All I have to share with you guys today is this picture.

Roger made this oldskool snake and dagger combination a while back.

If you people want to see more cool stuff on the blog, then come and get some cool tattoos. Or just come by and hang out with us, we don't mind good company. So see you all tomorrow.

By the way, if any of you know a really good restaurant in the neighbourhood, or if you are a good cook, please come and tell us about it. Because we are all getting gastric ulcers from the food we have been eating lately.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 Week old French Bulldog in Chicago

I'm walking down the streets of downtown Chicago looking for a good deep dish pizza spot and ran into this beautiful one month old french bulldog...y'all know I love frenchies...making me miss mine already

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Tattooing in CHICAGO June 25-27 fri-sat

City of Ink's Miya Bailey & Sophie are tattooing in CHICAGO this weekend June 25-27. Call or text 404-644-1912 for tattoo info.

Tattoo Expo
@ Donald E. Stephans
Convention Center
5555 N. River Rd.
Rosemont, IL 60018
Fri. 2pm-11pm
Sat. 11am-11pm
Sun. 11am-8pm
404-644-1912 (Miya Bailey's cell call or text for info)

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Location:Donald E. Stephans Convention Center


moo, originally uploaded by Tony @ 'Kirituhi Tattoo'.

Tony Koipers

Because of the amount of koi sleeves Tony is working on, we officially changed his name from Tony Kuijpers to Tony Koipers.
Need I say more?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Killer Unicone From Hell

Roger made a Unicone tattoo today. A "Unicone" you say?
Yes, a Unicone is a mythical creature, wich is half zombie-horse, half ice-cream-cone.

Legend has it, the Unicone was the first zombie-horse ever to die trough a brain freeze. Since then it has roamed the underworld in search of antifreeze.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Big....

I'm sitting over here at my art studio with Prophet & Rabbit.. It's crazy to see how humans & animals grow up... I remember when Prophet was just a baby and Rabbit grew up in 2 months...that's crazy! is beautiful...God is amazing.

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Lion, Sun, & Stars: Tattoo

These are common used images but I had to think of a way to make it look different from the others.... I focused on the flow of his arm..put all the images together and created this Piece... The lettering at the bottom of the tattoo was done by my mentor.. Julia, who trained me in the art of tattooing.... It's cool to be able to add on to one of her tattoos

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Location:City of Ink

Free Willy

First off, I want to tell you guys, that we had to send Willem away.

He was starting to creep us out with his epic beard.
So we had to send him off to Berlin. I am not allowed to tell anyone about the treatment or his exact whereabouts.
All I can say is that he is in good hands and we hope he will be back soon, shaved and cheerful as always.

Furthermore, a couple of tattoos done this past Saturday, wich I was unable to post because of the 9 year anniversary post.

Ironically, Mehdi finished up the Maneki Neko sleeve, on the 9 year anniversary of the shop. As you might remember the Maneki Neko brings good luck and good fortune to your place of business. This can only mean good things for the future of the shop.

Tony started coloring on this here old-school leg, last week aswell.

Today he started this girly koi sleeve.

He wanted to keep it as feminine as possible, so he used more flowers and les hard background.

Last but not least here is yet another sleeve Tony started a while back.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Congratulations To Us!

Today is the 9th anniversary of Bunker Tattoo!

Nobody actually realized it until Mehdi came walking trough the door, just after closing time, with two bottles of champagne in his hands.

So we dug up some old photographs from when the shop just opened just for you guys.

These pictures were so old, they were still printed on photo paper, you actually could not view them on a screen. Wierd huh?

This is what it looked like, before any tattoos where ever done here.

Mehdi working on the interior.

The opening party. We'll be doing this over next year, on the 10 year anniversary.

We had a little private celebration today, nothing fancy.

Add nine years, a little bit of color, a lot of ups and downs some 2010 flavour and a whole lot of experience, and you'll find us where we are now. Still Breda, still St. Annastraat, still making Brabant beautiful.