Thursday, April 28, 2011

There's A Party In My Pants And You're Invited!

So... Where was I?
Oh yeah... the new shop.

If any of you people actually read the stuff I write here and not just look at the pictures, you might have read that there are going to be some changes over here.

We are getting ready to move to a new location. We should be in there by the first of June, that's over a month already.
Lucky for you guys not that much is going to change, seeing that the new location is on the other side of the road. Worst case scenario: You'll have to walk an extra 10 meters, wich is good for burning calories by the way.

Anyho... The old location, where we are still located now, will probably host a piercing/body-mod shop, I'll drop some more details about that as soon as I get them myself.

I'll try to put some photos of the new establishment on here with further information as we proceed.

Furthermore... Remember the photo shoot for a book about dutch tattooers? It's being printed as we speak, the first copies will hit the streets in a couple of weeks. More about that as well in the future.

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