Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brussels And More And Less Or More Or Less

Good news! And more good news! And better news! With some best news!

We'll be attending this years Brussels Tattoo Convention.  Sorry for the short-term notice, but it's this weekend already! So change all your plans, cancel all the appointments you had, and come by to say hi and hang out and get tattooed and have fun and laugh at Belgians and get us a beer while you're at it!

In further news, some of you might have noticed the blog layout change multiple times this afternoon. That in fact my friends, did really happen, you are not suffering a neglected-blog-delirium. I'm looking to change the whole set up and look, to make the whole thing a little bit more user-friendly, clear and fit the new Bunker style.
Since we moved a couple of months ago, we decided to go for the whole make-over and get a new logo and what not goes with all that.
The blog is still not the way I want it, so expect that t change some more the next couple of days.

Last week we finally got our new sign, so people can now actually find us.

Further further more, we got new stickers!
That is all for today.
See you in Brussels!

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