Thursday, January 22, 2009

YUP we still doing the $40 WALK-IN Special....

Tuki, Chris McAdoo,Demayne, and myself will be leaving for Bmore & DC tomorrow. I'm excited mainly because it's Demayne's FIRST time ever flying on an airplane so this will be fun just watching his face..LOL We will land in Bmore and stop by the Baltimore Tattoo Convention to show support to Jaz (Black Star Tattoo from NY) and Chris & Pinz-N-Needlez (from DC) after we pick up the rental car...we will chill out for a few hours and meet our fans and supporters up there maybe buy some tattoo stuff from the expo then head to DC to get settled in our hotel rooms and get ready for our saturday appointments in DC at Pinz-N-Needlez. Ant, Sophie, Corey, and Melvin will hold City of Ink down and will be doing the $40 WALK-IN specials, so go support our shop while we are in DC.

PS...Happy BDAY Samba!!!! enjoy your trip!

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