Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Sutra....

I must be getting old I'm at Sutra...girls jockin... The ones at the door were really aggressive...wish my wife would have came with me.... I'm goin to Asheville tomorrow night for my daughters "sweet 16" I'm missing both of my daughters a lot... Every tattoo every drawing all 3 of my seeds fuel my passion to keep creating to keep hustlin.. The fuel to my passion are my children...after work I walk into my sons room I stand right over him and I pray for his safety and I hope he has the courage of his father and his grandfathers... Grow up to be a strong man and look after his sisters like a real man should...Bailey men protect our women with our very lives...warriors! I know this is random... I'm sitting in our section at Sutra...Tuki is sitting in here with a "wig" on so I lost my train of thought laughin at his crazy ass....

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