Monday, January 24, 2011

Harriet Tubman Tattoo

For 2011.. I really want to focus on doing more soulful portrait style pieces.... Mixed with a touch of abstract fine art...going to Paris really inspired my art in a different way... I really hope people embrace this style.. For example I want to do a Ray Charles piece..funkadelic colors... As if you were tripping off shrooms....I get excited thinking about it...I Just want to create new styles so I don't get bored...please don't limit your ideas based off what you think I can't do... I study ALL styles of tattooing... I just have to put my own twist to it... So in the honor of the soldier Harriet Tubman... I let her spirit guide me in this tattoo... This piece is very special to me...once it's healed.. I will get one of my photographer buddies to shoot it... And thanks Kevin for being my canvas.. Much love & respect bruh

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