Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love Hate Deaf

So, this red guy, well boy, actually, was summoned by nazi's to literally raise hell on earth so the nazi's would win WWII. Unfortunately for them, Rasputin was sucked into another dimension and the boy was raised by defenders and researchers of a paranormal bureau.

The demons in hell wished hard for him to return to their side. But lucky for us, he tasted pancakes. Now he would never, ever return to hell's side. He grew up as a good guy, kicking asses of witches, demons and other scumbags. He also hit a goon and killed a flying octopus before the goon hit him with a wrench. A fish is his bestestestest friend.

This was all about a red guy, and this is a picture of a green skull.

Now, praise the wizard who grants your wish to ride the thunder through nightly skies. Beards in the wind. Unicorns singing philosophical songs below, searching for reasons and questions. May they never find their answers, asshole unicorns.

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