Thursday, March 10, 2011


What a day! Looking back on it, it kind of reminds me of that one story in that book, I can't remember its name, but it's about this dude that's stuck in the desert, with his homies, and they don't have anything to drink. So the guys gets angry and hits a rock with this stick, and suddenly there comes water, pouring from the rock, pretty amazing if you ask me.

That's how it went this afternoon, when all of a sudden there was water coming up trough our concrete floor. Out of nowhere, no leaks, no nothing, just water through the floor.
God must have thought that we were thirsty or something.

Hope the place doesn't flood this weekend, when we're in Rotterdam.
We'll be on the Rotterdam Convention this Saturday and Sunday. So come by and say hi.

Oh yeah... Before I forget to tell you guys, and get myself in trouble!
We had a special guest from the local radio yesterday, he visits a different business everyday and does a live coverage of what goes on every hour.
It was pretty funny, we all had our fifteen minutes of fame.
If you missed it and really want to hear our out of this world interviews, you can still listen to it on here.

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