Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vikinger Fra Helvete

We had an awesome week here at the new shop. We could really get used to this whole new setting, I think.

Willem and I are sitting outside, next to a nice little fire we got started here, while I'm writing the blog, and winding down from a hectic but fun week.

Word of our new huble abode travels fast and far nowadays. Yesterday we got attacked and plundered by a pack of Evil, Wolf-Wrestling, Killer, Rapist, Vikings-From-Hell.

Really nice people!

I think they could have been part vampire aswell, because they couldn't stand the sun that good.

Here is a picture of when they caught Mehdi and started assaulting and man handling him. Poor guy, he didn't stand a chance against the Norwegian-bare-handed-bear-killers.

All kidding aside, they were really cool guys, and girl. Birdie came all the way from Norway to get the rest of his back started by Mehdi, He already had a piece by him that they started a couple of years ago in Copenhagen. Now he came back to get the rest of his back done.

We had a great time hanging out with these guys talking about wolf-wrestling-techniques, chewing 'cow dung' tobacco, and plundering villages in the old days.

That's a container of the cow dung tobacco, when you put it in your mouth for a while, it supposedly makes your breath smell like real viking breath and makes you irresistable to the viking women. Really potent stuff!

Mehdi got Birdie back pretty well for man-handling him earlier. With a 5 hour lining session on his sunburnt back.

All in all, take some awesome people, some awesome food, an awesome shop mix them all together and what you get is a pretty awesome time.

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