Saturday, January 14, 2012


Pow pow pow!
First post of 2012, 300th post total!

Happy New Year everybody!

I got a couple of picturas por mi trusty readers.

First off, a chest by Mehdi, wich is actually finished already. I can't find the  finished picture, so you'll have to do with this one for now.
However, Mehdi did post it on his Twitter, maybe you can find on there, while you're at it, follow the boss man.

Also I got this koi sleeve by Mehdi, wich I've had lying around for almost half a year now, maybe it's time to post it now.

I only have a little Phoenix by Florencio.

He actually finally got a smart phone, so he's figuring that out and posting more images on his facebook, with a lot of in progress work you won't see here on the blog, so go and befriend him aswell.

Willem decided to extend his urban-zoo animal collection with a Pigeon and a Trout.

Roger finished a samurai tiger.

 Bet you didn't know tigers can be samurai!

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