Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are We Robots?

I was on the plane leaving Miami going back to Atlanta...when I over heard the people sitting in front of me talking about "love" and how their daughter was going out with a dude they did not like....which inspired this drawing...I was looking at this toy robot book and thought to myself "People always trying to control things" even isn't logic and most of the time it don't even make sense...we listen to other peoples advice on love for guidance.... But do we ever follow their words of advice? A close friend of mine told me a few weeks ago, she was going out with a new guy...I can't really go into detail but what stood out was when she said "Our careers match" or something like that...just imagine picking a mate based on their's the logical thing to do...but isn't that letting society control your opinion on what to look for in a mate? Just imagine if we let our parents pick our husbands & wives... Could you be happy with the person they picked for you? I feel once you listen to the words of other based on their opinion about your relationship and you let those opinions change how you see LOVE then you are a robot being controlled by the people around you....who's business is it? And why do you have to have the same old American type marriage or relationship? Why can't we see "love" like the rest of the world? Everyone is different and we all see love in a different if we see love in a different way... Then we should all have different types of marriages & relationships...we are not robots....Love that person the same way they love don't have to agree on everything just meet in the middle and don't try to change your mate... Do what you feel is natural... And respect your mate based on their views on life, love & relationships...

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