Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bootleg Tattoos... Why?

I have been bootlegged MANY times...I have seen 100's of fake MB Originals...I have no clue why a person would take a photo of another persons tattoo and give is to a FAKE ass tattooist aka a "SCRATCHER" and copy their tattoo and put it on their body? That's just stupid to me... I know some people or customers don't know any better but the person doing the tattoos KNOW BETTER... I know it's a recession and we all have to eat but their is NO excuse for "stealing"... this happened to Corey Davis yesterday for the first time in his tattoo career... Welcome to the club young man...the bootleg tattoo was done in the dorm room over at Morehouse college...we are losing other youth because they are not being guiding in the right direction... Today kids have a lack of respect for art and tattooing and it's sad...they are tattooing victims who don't know any better and really hurting the whole tattoo industry...I will not name the Morehouse's dorm room scratcher.... Shit I was once a scratcher tattooing in my own dorm room but I never once copies another artists hard work and put it on other people for money... That's stealing and it's WRONG period....if you are reading this and have a problem with my opinion on tattooing & art... We can talk about it like men...but be clear I do NOT agree with tattooing people without professional training.. These are human beings and tattoos are for life...that can be very dangerous and unhealthy if you were not trained in this art form

Corey Davis's original tattoo & the bootleg version done over in Morehouse college

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Location:Morehouse college

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