Thursday, December 15, 2011


I got this message from Mehdi today, of a conversation between him and Roger which really made me laugh.

Mehdi: You ride with the Dark horse ?

Roger: Yesss Ow mighty horse rider with the caravan of black Magic and eternal wisdom to exceed in the aftermath at the afterparty of the afterlife.
Roger: I is, as we speake, kamming my hairs.

Mehdi: Kom er aan

Roger: Can I take the (from kraait) black car to the place where endless stories are being told by monke in bikini?

Mehdi: Come they fly with black crow crane, to pages of the dark book story telling!

Roger: Let's ride west toward the dying sun en breath the ray's of glory in the evening darkness of holy (shit) soulscattering death blood kill chopped roof coffin slow mortfaces of evil

Mehdi: Yeaaa!!
Mehdi: In the land of far, were the hound's of blood and hellfire with breath of endless death poison, there we will go and fight for our victory for eternal wisdom and love ( and sex with all the angels from heaven and hell and beyond)!!!

Long story short, turned out, Mehdi only wanted to know if Roger needed a lift to the shop.

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