Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hell yeah!

It's cool when people really read my twits & blogs... I posted last month about these new designer toys I thought were really dope...and today one of my followers on Twitter dropped by with the toy I twitted about...i'm very thankful for the gift... This year is going to be a good one.... I work a LOT and I do miss a lot of my life serving the people so when people bring a smile to my face it's means a lot to me.... I'm a simple man and it's the small things that make me everyone who has blessed my life with fan mail, positive feedback, words that inspire, gifts, and most of all LOVE & support.. I thank you for believing in me and making life better... I'm humbled and honored we all have crossed paths... Many blessings and I will do my best to make yall proud of me...

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