Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monday night...Alone time

Monday I was feeling inspired to draw..but lately I been having a hard time focusing on drawing & painting with other people around..maybe because I'm surrounding people everyday allday at City of Ink & I walk everywhere I go to get that needed "alone" time.. To focus, reflect, and plan my next art & business Monday I wasn't doing anything but watching TV and checking FB messages and emails... I decided to go over to Art Mondays at the Apache cafe... Every Monday they have live nude models for figure drawing sessions.. Plus some good food...when I walked in I noticed that I knew this weeks figure model...since I knew her it was very easy to get inspired so here are pictures of the play by play...I'm trying to "sketch" more so I hope yall enjoy

I finished the night off with Salmon, cheese grits, cornbread, & wine

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Location:Apache Cafe

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