Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samba Sillah "Shop Manager"

The Art of Samba Sillah "City of Ink"

Some of yall might know Samba.. And some of yall don't...he is the shop manager of City of Ink, he's the one who books all our appointments, runs the shop and the person you talk to when you call the shop for info... But he is way more than a "manager" he is also an awesome visual artist.... From fine art paintings to detailed illustrations, Samba Sillah has an amazing gift I wish he would share with the world....he art is something different and new...and if he works hard this year I hope to see a "Samba Sillah" sketchbook for sale soon...I really want to see him do some tattoo flash, more paintings, and a series of sketchbooks...if you would like to reach Samba about his artwork, or just to tell him how much you like his art please call City of Ink @ 404-525-4465 after 1pm-10pm...Samba is off on Thursdays & Sundays... Positive feedback fuels an artist to work harder on their call and let him know

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