Monday, January 25, 2010

Listening to Music

As a simple man.. Simple things make me happy... One of the best feelings is sitting with a friend, lover, wife, whoever that special person is in your life and listening to a CD for the very first time music unheard to your ears...I feel a lot of people don't just sit down and "listen" to music anymore... I remember when Outkast was dropping new albums me & my crew would all go to Tower Records buy a tape & CD.. Rush home and we would all just sit on the floor and LISTEN to the words of every single song... We would study the production, the lyrics, and the cover was worth the purchase... After the album was over we would sit around and talk about what we all just listened seems like today's music has lost it's way...a leak of soul & you have to fast foward through songs.... There are some songs you can hear clearly was targeted for the radio & feels the "business" side of music has taken over the "artist" side of the music industry... I just miss how we would LISTEN to the songs... And feel the words of the lyric...I guess I will roll a blunt up...lay on the floor with my wife and listen to some old music and flashback to when musicians had the courage to be rebels and go against the grind... Creating timless music and not looking for just "radio" play.

I did that artwork about 9 years ago it was inspired by hip-hop and the way it use to make me feel... To be honest I have lose my love for "rap" music.... I wish balance was on the radio & on tv... We are FEEDING music to our children that leak a HUMAN soul... A lot of today's music is "fast food" music... Takes no time to create, and weak lyrics are hidden over beats that will make the women dance... A nice "hustle".... Music suppose to feed your soul and move your emotions... What type of food are you feeding yourself?

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