Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tattoo Artist Blogs

My homegirl Sole, asked me to put links up of all the COI tattoo artist's blogs...I usally just blog from my iPhone since I rarely get to sit in front of a computer...I took screen shots of each of the tattoo artists sites.. And put their URL down.. I don't know the HTML codes to make the links work from my iPhone so yall will have to copy & paste the URL links....please follow these blogs, each one is very different and 2010's focus is to BRAND the names of the 4 artists me & Tuki have working at City of Ink...I introduce to you, Corey Davis, Chris McAdoo, Sophie C'est La Vie, & Melvin Todd... The Dripping Stars of COI (bookmark & follow these artists)

Corey Davis's Greedmont Park http://greedmontpark.com (also check out http://IamCoreyDavis.com to see his tattoos)

Chris McAdoo's My Brother's Inker http://mybrothersinker.com

Sophie C'est La Vie's Kungfu Dollface http://kungfudollface.com

Melvin Todd's 9 Mag http://9mag.blogspot.com

Tattoo Legend "Tuki Carter" http://tukicarter.blogspot.com

To book any of these tattoo artists, call 404-525-4465 between the hours of 1pm-10pm. Samba the shop manager will handle EVERYTHING...blessings yall

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