Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't believe in Flaws...

God made us all different for a reason...what one person dislikes about you another person will love...we all struggle from the mental images created by media... I'm too fat.... I'm too skinny... I'm too short... I'm too tall...I'm too dark... I'm too light...images of the people in magazines & tv that look like clones... They all look the this how life suppose to be? Every human fighting to be the same size? How can the human form have flaws? Maybe it's the artist in me but I can't see flaws in the human body....just imagine life if everybody had the SAME body shape...everyone was the same skin would bore you...God made the perfect "YOU" ...there is only one "you" so who can you compare yourself too? Self esteem is loving who you are...the only change needed is mental growth ...your body is a temple.... That temple should look different from the next who you every every how your hair roll up different from the next person....every finger print is different for a reason....what attracts you might don't attract me...we are humans... Not clones... Love yourself... You're the perfect YOU...your only "flaw" is not knowing why you were created that your flaws are inside NOT a healthy life take care of yourself but don't try to change your body to FIT "media beauty" that's not reality...self esteem is the love of self... There is only one "YOU" and that one "you" can inspire a whole lot more when you STAND OUT

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