Sunday, January 17, 2010

I had a groupie moment

I meet and know a lot of celebs....and I'm not one of those "Hollywood" types... But I have a respect and major love for those artists & musicians who go againist what's on the radio and express themselves in a pure yesterday I was on Twitter and I seen Erykah Badu was posting the ages of all 3 of her seeds...I clicked on her profile pic and I just love this woman... I guess that's some "groupie" shit because we have only crossed paths a few times...the first time was in the 90s at her first show in Atlanta (The Ying Yang kafe) I got to hold her coat while she performed on stage....I was young and excited like a kid on Christmas yesterday when I seen she was following me on Twitter... I turned back into a kid....I had a damn groupie moment lol just wanted to share that with yall....I'm a simple man... And those simple things make me smile... If your on Twitter follow me @MiyaBailey

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