Tuesday, November 3, 2009

$1000-$1500 for a FULL Day

More people are starting to get larger pieces from me...I'm still keeping my prices as low as I can, as long as can afford to pay my rent ( home & City of Ink), bills, child support, plane tickets for the tours, supplies, overhead, etc....most of my clients book me for half of days for $500... But more people are now asking me for FULL days...they don't want me to focus on anyone else but them, so me & Tuki have decides to price a FULL day of tattooing for $1000-$1500...that's 10 hours of tattooing from 1pm to 10pm (we will take a few breaks to eat, smoke, get some air, etc.. I'm
Human) this way we can do more sleeves, rib pieces, & back pieces without making so many different sessions, plus you save money. I will STILL be doing $250 smaller pieces for the working class 9-5ers so don't start any rumors saying I only do large pieces now... I just want the clientele who like sleeves, and larger pieces to save money and be happy with the customer services. A tattoo artist is wayyyyyy happier when he or she don't have to rush because you have other appointments waiting on you to finish the other appointment...

To book me for a sleeve, rib piece, backpiece, or large leg pieces, for $1000-$1500. Call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) I prefer one on one relaxed private tattooing, but if you do bring a guest please limit it to ONE person only. Call the shop for more details....MB

P.S. Ask about a Payment Plan

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