Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ugly Angels

Your so beautiful and you know it... The way you attract men using your beauty is a powerful tool...but can they see who you are? Do you want them to see who you are? Or do you hide behind your beauty to protect your heart? Your an angel to me, the sight of you makes me warm but when you open your mouth I feel pain, low self esteem hidden under the diva female ego "I don't need a man" but you use your beauty to draw them in like moths to light...fueling your ego, hiding behind your power, your afraid to show your inside....because when they see the inside they don't like it so they focus on the outside....you grow lonely and cold to the world thinking all men are the same...but yet you fit all the stereotypes of what a man "dream" about sexually but he would never take you home to his mother...you grow bitter, no scars on the outside, but scarred up in the inside.... You are ugly now because you didn't find balance in your mind, body, and soul... You were one sided, letting men use you but you THINK you are using them....you think you are on top of things... The more men you let in the more feathers your wings lose...an ugly angel you have grown to become...cold, no emotion, no passsion, just using your power to attract thinking your getting over only to be losing your wings... And grown old and lonely... Ugly angel it's time for your to fly away reach out to another angel and hope they don't drop you....angels with weak wings are heavy

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