Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walk-Ins in Winter?

I have had this convo with many shop owners about their staff not focusing on booking appointments and waiting around for "walk-ins" customers. I grew up around hustlers, my mom being the #1 hustla I know....she taught me to never WAIT for money but to go after it... As a tattoo artist I honestly don't believe in walk-ins... I feel they are only for artists who are lazy and don't have a "business" sense...if summer time is busy with walk-in traffic then the winter will be slow.... So it's common sense to book all your winter appointments in the summer time....I have watched tattoo artist sit on their ass (even my own) without hustlin...I heard a million excuses "I haven't been tattooing as long as you or Tuki" that's ALL bullshit to me... I didn't have a full appointment book until City of Ink was open....the same amount time WE as a team opened the shop TOGETHER... The name is hot so I rode the wave...the same way everyone else should be riding the wave...when you wait around for walk-ins you are waiting on other people to FEED you...take destiny in your own hands, get deposits, build your own clientele, make them respect your rules and your grind, and book appointments in the winter or you will be BROKE... This is a peep talk to ALL tattoo artists who do NOT have any appointments today reading this blog.... If you have enough time in your hands to be reading blogs then after you finish reading this... Go to my facebook page, to my Twitter page, YouTube page, even myspace and STUDY how I market myself and connect with my clients and future clients... I don't feel I'm the best in the world.. I just feel I have written a blue print for fellow artists to follow... Burger King is not the best food in the world BUT I'm sure they marketed themselves so much that the people have to know they exist.... You get the message? The tattoo business is just like the music business 10% talent and 90% HUSTLE.... And if you have the talent to match the hustle you will be RICH....stay focused young artist, brand your name.... The path is there so follow the trail us older artists made for you... It's fool proof...

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