Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Excuses...Man up

The reason I don't judge others is because I'm fill of flaws... I'm not "super human" like some people thing I am...some days I'm in a positive mood some days I just want to be left alone...as a man and as a human being I have fears... One of those fears is hurting the women I love.. I have a fear of letting my wife down, and I have let her down... I fear of letting my grandmothers down and I have before.. And I fear of hurting my daughters & mother...growing up seeing my mother cry for many different reasons haunt my dreams...I remember seeing her cry and not having the control to hold back my own tears... I have made my wife cry and it's the same pain as seeing my mother cry... I can't explain it... I often think i'm the bad seed of my father, but I also question that... If I was a bad seed then why am I being blessed by God? Why was I given this talent? Why are people drawn to me? And why do I have these fears? I often smoke a blunt and dream I'm a bird flying over the land watching peope with that normal lives... No one can touch me, no one can get close enough to my heart... I'm so far up in the sky they can't even see my beauty... Free as a bird...a short life but a happy life...flying away from my fears when they get too close to me... I never wanted to hurt you, but I have to man up now and face my fears because I did hurt you... No matter how far I fly away... All birds have to land and face the world.... No excuses I hurt you and I can't fly away from that pain.

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