Saturday, November 21, 2009

NYC trip canceled...

I really wanted to tattoo up in Brooklyn this week but people did a LOT of talking and when it was time to make the deposits everyone was moving too slow...some people said $500 for a half of day of tattoo (4-6 hours) was too high for NYC....some said I would just come to Atlanta for their tattoos... But let's do the math.... It would be CHEAPER if I did your tattoos in your hometown NYC....if you fly to me, you have to get flight tickets, hotel room, taxi, plus pay for your tattoo....even if the tattoo in Atlanta is only $250 look at all the other extra cost... So when I travel to other cities the prices vary based on flight cost, hotel cost, and most tattoo shops take 30% for a guest spot.... So to save money for my clients most of thr time I just tattoo them at my hotel room.....that's why TOUR tattoos start at $500 (hotel, flight, taxi, or rental etc) and in Atlanta I only start at $250 you might fly down and get a hotel but you aslo get to feel the vibe of City of Ink... Both are cool with me as long as I can make SOME profit I do have kids, family, and bills to please don't waste my time with "tattoo talk" to be 100% honest I can't even take a person serious until a deposit has been made... And that deposit is used to buy the plane tickets & book the hotel.... No deposit down, no appointment, no flight, no hotel = NO TRIP..... I will be tattooing in Houston, Texas Dec.1-5 By apppointment only... To save the people money and myself I will just tattoo at my hotel room... So it will be private one on one sessions only... No crowds..I will take my time on each piece and these pieces will be used in my book ( Before I'm Gone) so I need the creative & original people in Htown to step up...please call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed Sundays and leave your Info... I will call each person back.... I will only do 2 apointments each day so make sure your tattoo idea REALLY blessed yall and see yall in Houston next week Dec.1-5

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