Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fly High...

It's 9:06am...and I'm up hoping my day at work will be better than my off days at home. I haven't smoked any weed in a few days, so I been dealing with my fuck ups head on, I really don't know if my "tattoo" clients read my seems like mostly the fans of my ART and writing read them...everyone who reads them know how much I hate doing butterfly I did this piece (never finished it) about 3 years ago called "Fly High" this was when everyone wanted butterflies with the "Miya Bailey" eye in the wings...the ONLY reason I ever tattooed them was to make the PEOPLE I would smoke a blunt to zone out and do the tattoo and dream how it would feel like to be a high Butterfly randomly flying through the minds of my clients...maybe if I could FEEL the reason behind why they love them so much I would put my emotion and soul behind the tattoo...and for some weird reason it works. If I don't look at them as just a butterfly I won't get depressed by being asked to do them a million times in a year...Thank God for imagination, my escape from reality...I still don't like doing them, BUT its balanced out the look my clients give me once they see their new tattoo in the mirror for the first time...a rebirth of their body and spirit...I will finish this drawing, and put it in my book..I think it was the first time I had ever used color micro ink pens...I like the look so...its time to touch that drawing again...Fly High

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