Thursday, November 5, 2009

More than one?

I'm not goin to drop every "man" secret online...the misunderstanding of Venus and Mars...and why men desire to have more then one female....I'm sure there is a woman out there with all the traits that men are looking for in one be honest most men I know want a woman who is a like his mother, his angel, his ecsape from reality, his backbone, his whore, his queen, his best friend ,everything... But no human is perfect and we chase that perfect person our whole life, hurting our love ones on the way...nothing is worse than growing apart from your mate...and to numb that pain, you take things you like from each woman around you and create your dream... This piece I'm working on now is just that...a mixture of souls from different women in my past, present and future...I have a feeling karma will leave me a lonely old man like most artists....we will never be understood, we will be judged...and we will break more hearts due to this drive to love enough to conquer lust, my passion to be free, my drive to die an artist legend? To know me is to love or hate me... I can live with both.. And I'm sure my so-called "sins" will inspire the women I hurt to be stronger or will she just give up and turn to the darker side....the selfish nature of man....

This piece is being created my plain ole "Bic" ballpoint ink pens

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