Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Listen...

This week has been really and my wife sat down and talked for a few hours...everything she said was all truth...I never try to make excuses for my actions.. When I'm wrong I'm wrong period...I now see I wasn't listening to her and entering her world when she needed me...I now see how selfish and one sided I was...which made me think about a painting I did a few years ago for an art show with Pinz-n-Needlez in DC... It's called "Just Listen" some advice I should have followed myself...the painting was based on people just shutting up and listening to the souls of the people around them... To step out your shoes and put your feet in the shoes of others...being trapped in my "dreamland" where dreams and reality are one to me I often forget about the lives of the people I love around me... Having tunnel vision and only seeing my goals not taking any breaks in between to give myself to my family...serving the people but not being there for the peope close to me... The older I grow the more I see how fucked up in my ways I was....but the question is can I step outside of my world and go back to my foundation which is my family? Can I shut up and LISTEN? My free spirit just floats around like a balloon... But who will hold the string that's attached to the balloon? Will they let the string go so I float off into the sky for not listening? Or will they keep faith in me and hold the string tighter because they know a balloons don't live long? I will shut up now and "Just Listen"

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