Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holiday's to Everyone

Lot's has been going on at v3. Hopefully I can get a pic of our new dig's in here. Maybe the next post.

But till then, I wanted to show you some of the newest releases at v3.

The first one. Is the Ameera.

Ameera means princess, and this tattoo is surely fit for one. I could spend all kinds of time talking about the tattoo, but really, I like and think so much of this one I am just going to post the picture of the tattoo.

Ameera, comes with 4 complete sets, black, aged, fade, and a modifiable set so that can change the color and give that just right look you want.

The next two are for you guys. Both of them have striking designs that are guaranteed to catch peoples eyes.

The first is titled Celtic dawn and started as something else entirely. Inspired by a friend this one, has a Celtic knot upon the chest, both arms are adorned by a dragon wrapped around a sword, and the back to keep that Celtic flavor has an intricate Celtic cross upon it.

The next tattoo, like many from v3 has a message. Men tracht und Gott lacht - Men plan and God laughs. The message, is set across the abdomen so that all can see it.

Both tattoo's come in all three upper body layers, undershirt, shirt and jacket as well as 3 full sets each in a different tint, black, aged and faded.

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