Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Again

We all know love hurts yet we all search for it...I have hurt women with love before...and I have paid for it...seeing her eyes full of pain haunts my dreams at night...I wish I could take back the hands of time and heal those wounds but I can't...No matter how different I am, I'm just a man... No matter what the people think about me... I'm just a human being...I can cause you joy and I can cause you pain....but all I want you to do is love again...I love you enough to let you go so you can find love in the arms of another man...I'm sure he can treat you better than some dreamy selfish artist can...the way I show my love is through paint and canvas...since you no longer trust in my words I hope you can feel my love through every painting, drawing ....every touch against your skin...every stroke is my soul telling you "I love you" but now you push me away and I don't blame you...I just want you to love again... Even if it isn't me your loving.... I just want you happy....your a beautiful soul and you only deserve the best...I just hope you think about me once in a while...because I know you can't be replaced...and I can only love you like an artist...a mind that's untamable... A mind with no limits..or boundaries.... And that's what causes pain...that's why I want you to Love again... I need to see you smile even if I'm seeing your smile from a far

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