Friday, December 11, 2009

The Wrong Image "360"

Every single day I hear a woman at the tattoo shop say "I can't find a good man in atlanta"...or "there is a man shortage" but I look around and I see lots of men... If you can't keep a man or can't find a man, why do you point the blame at everyone but yourself? People love to make excuses for their actions...I make my daily rounds to all the social netwerks before I start tattooing each day...myspace is a graveyard, all you see is "booty" spots, hoe type photos... We all want attention at times (male & female) but what type of people you think you will attract if your "ass" is in the picture? I'm 100% sure he cares less about what's your mind & soul is about.. Be careful of the "MESSAGE" you send the masses...males are visual beings....and the energy you put out will be that same energy you get in return... Which goes back to another quote "all men think about is sex!" can you blame him? Look at the words you are using online, look at the photos you use to express yourself with...go to Twitter, you see young woman start sex trending topics, but get pissed off when the men THINK their hoes...I don't judge others so I wouldn't call them out their name, but let's me honest is the artform of being a "LADY" died?how can man be a "gentleman" if sex appeal seems like the FIRST thing you want people to see & read about you? Have males & females lose their connection with each other? Or is this a sexual revolution we all need to get use to? Times are changing... And maybe I'm just old school.. But damn I miss "ladies" for the 70s, 80s, & even the early 90s....expression is FREEDOM but don't get mad when you confuse people... I'm sure I have confused a lot of folks....the children are watching people.

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