Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank you for saving my life!

Looking out the window I dreamed about leaving the mountains and seeing the world..but what path would I take when I never seen anyone leave? My father had a new life a new family, my mother was working hard to pay the bills...and the streets were raising me...your mother (my first art teacher) always talked about her son, and how he was using art and printing t-shirts...a mentor I needed, we were introduced...your spirit was like no other man I have crossed paths with in life...a father, a friend, a big brother, a mentor, an inspiration you became to taught marketing, how to reach the people in the streets, how to make money using my talents..and I THANK YOU Ray Mapp for saving my life...I remember everytime we would hit the road in the late 80'-90's selling t-shirts we would listen to "Sounds of Blackness" at first I was like why you got me listening to this music and I'm not even a Christian" then you said LISTEN and FEEL the words..they are for everyone not just christians but for to EVERYONE struggling out here....I listened and I FELT the because our theme song on good nights and bad nights...we listened to it before he hit the road and after you dropped me off back home to my mother...Ray, no matter where I'm at in the world, I love you big brother...and I THANK YOU...everyday I use the wisdom you gave me...I HOPE to be the samething for Corey, Chris, Sophie, and Melvin that you were and still is to ME...much love comrade...2010 is our year!

This song is for everyone who NEEDS postive energy today..I KNOW its hard out here in this recession and if your a parent I know you want your babies to have a smile on Xmas your grinding extra hard..remember your not alone..

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