Monday, December 28, 2009

Nasty Girl

She goes to work everyday she's a hard worker...her past has molded her into the woman she is today...she has the skills to blend in with the "regular" folks but she has another side... The side that wants to escape the normal everyday life...artwork covers her skin...her mind open to try anything at less once...when she's around people she's always a "lady" but alone she turns into a "Nasty Girl" an art form most women can't master... But she mastered be one with her body...To create her own world opposite of her everday life...if she chose you take it as a gift from the heavens... It's surprising because you didn't know she even had that side in her...she hides it well... Which turns you on...she down plays her sexual side around people.. They all thinks she's a good girl... But she's a Nasty girl.... The woman you dream about...she's also a lady.. the one you want to take home... She has mastered that balance...she feeds off your thoughts and desires and bring them to life for you...she's so sweet yet nasty...your mother will love her and your father will know why....nasty girl your a beauty secret never change

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