Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mach Five..."That Night" VIDEO

I watched Corey edit this video at the shop the day after it was filmed...the next day it was up on youtube...damn 2 days!!! focused lil' bruh...good work..this is what Corey Davis had to say about his Mach Five project & video

"Something new from Mach Five, it’s not really a “single”, just a dope song we decided to film to promote the album (Sex on a Sunday LP available on iTunes on New Year’s, so you can start the year off right). Directed by yours truly, along with the help of Carla Lopez and Deidra Tyree. “That Night” is a song about a one night stand, visually, we wanted it to feel like a independent film. [prod. by Optimus Pikachu]" says Corey Davis of City of Ink/Greedmont Park

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