Sunday, December 6, 2009

My life is about to change...

I'm glad Nov. is OVER! That was one of the worse months of my life....I hurt a few people I loved & cared about...they said "karma" will pay me back and it did... I had drama with my wife, drama with the mother of my daughters...drama at the of my nephews got in some of my daughters had issues at home...and one of my friends took money from me another friend is struggling in the streets...I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, KARMA is my justice and I always learn from my mistakes...I know change will come and life will never be the same for me again...will I stayed married or will that chapter of my life end? Will I be forgiven or will I let the negative words get to me? Can I forgive my friend over money or will I distant myself from him? It's time for me to board my flight back to Atlanta... Goodbye Houston... Back to reality but it's not a negative thing... I KNOW Dec. will be a positive, beauiful month... I will welcome my new life with open arms in 2010... I'm thankful to still be here....God/Goddess is good...and the truth will guide my way.

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