Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today was cool...real 3pm appointment canceled so I called in my homegirl, Teena to fill the spot...since I had a lil' time I walked over to slice and have a beer and waste some time...everyone was in a good mood at the shop...listened to Outkast and did these sessions

New Castle at Slice on Peters Street before my appointment

I finishes up this butterfly piece...I wanted to follow the natural flow of her curves...It's like the butterflies are being followed by beautiful souls..I wanted the orange to be bright to prove darker skin tones can pick up orange shades if you take your time and focus...she barely bleed but she did swell a little.

I added the shading to the outline I did last month...this is a fun piece... Not rushing it just doing the whole piece in sessions every 3 weeks or once a month... The color will be next...some blues for the background water.. And orange and golden yellow for the koi fish...I'm excited

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