Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My facebook "reached the limit"

I'm sittin in my hotel suite, my appointment is late (or a no show) so I decided to check my facebook page from my laptop... I have 628 friend requests but I can't add anymore people to that page (reached 5000 friends) So if your new to facebook and wanted to add me... Please add my "fan page" until I delete a few people from my other page.... I think I'm going to ask people who don't plan on getting tattooed by me to unfollow me...I hate to do that but a lot of the new friend request are people who want to book me for appointments and check out my picture folders... If you are new please follow my fan page.... I would be very thankful... Ok Houston, hit me up I have a few spots left.... Here is my cell: 404-644-1912 call or text me

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