Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Rebirth

2009 has started out with a lot of blessings. Jan. 1 City of Ink broke it's record when we opened the doors at 1pm. We had a packed house, and all the artist made good money. We ran the $40 walk-in special, but everyone wanted to spend more than $40. They all wanted tattooing taking more than an hour to do. I gave my pep talk and my team got to work. Later that night we added up the credit card sales and from that day on I knew 2009 would be the year of the "Dripping Star". Now I have to figure out how can I get snakes out my cypher without coming across like an asshole. I'm a social person when it comes to business, but I don't have much of a personal life outside of my wife, children, and City of Ink. So when I do meet new people I wonder why they are trying to get close to me. What do they want from me? And will this person be a negative soul and block my blessings? Sometimes with me thinking that way I have blocked alot of good friendships out of my life. When something good is going good, I want to protect it and make sure no snakes slide in the cracks. But at the sametime this shell I put up keeps people from getting close to me, including my wife at times. So I decided to do some soul searching and before the New Year came, I got Melvin to tattoo a Lotus flower under the "Prophet" on the back of my neck. The lotus grows out of nasty swamp mud water, comes to the surface and blossom into a beautiful flower. I had Melvin put a "bee" in the middle for my wife because we were at a across road in our marriage where I was focused on my business life and making sure they NEVER had to struggle like I did growing up. I want to make sure if anything ever happened to me, my wife and my 3 seeds will be ok without me around, and I guess I focused on that more than focusing on me being around to see my children grow into adults. To make the story short I feel blessed that City of Ink has good business and is growing larger by the day, but I also have to focus on my family as a blessing, they inspire me to work hard and the reason we opened COI for the people. To create jobs, inspire others to follow their dreams, and to feed our families without struggle. So when the "bee" do visit the lotus she only takes away postive energy, takes it back to her hive to feed the babies....2009 is my rebirth and about me mastering self, so I can balance my home life, business, and open my shell and meet new people without thinking they want something from me....not every person is a snake or groupie....I'm learning that more by the is about growing.

Black Lotus by Melvin Todd @ City of InkMy tattoo is healing....the color is next

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