Sunday, February 22, 2009

Groupies, ladies, hoes, and QUEENS......

Lets be honest, if you have been to City of Ink then you know we tattoo a lot of females.Some are truly fans of our lifestyle and art work, some have supported our movement since the 90s, some are like our sisters and we protect them like our family... how a man suppose to protect their little sisters...but we can't forget the groupies and hoes....the balance for our sisters, the ladies and queens. I don't judge ANYONE except for fakers. If your a lady and a queen, carry yourself like one so us MEN will know how to treat will treat you how you treat yourself...if you just want to fuck the crew because you think City of Ink is fly, then be honest so the brothers will know how to deal with you in that matter. But never act like you are something when your not. If your a freak say "I'm a freak and I'm proud of that, but I'm not a hoe!" If you a hoe say" I love yall City of Ink niggaz thats why I want ALL of yall" If your a lady say "I want to be down with this movement, how can I help you guys out?" All these mix signals I have no idea who I can trust, or who is really down with my cause. I feel everyone has a role, even the hoes and grouies to the ladies and Queens....human resources are human resources...just be HONEST and explain why your around if your not supporting the BUSINESS or you just want to hang out with the crew....either way express your reasons so you don't confuse the one likes titles but that is how men think and that logical side helps us treat people the way they treat themselves....and remember a groupie can't be a groupie unless you allow them to be one around who are YOU? A Supporter of the movement, A fan to the art,a client, a hard worker, a groupie, a hoe, a troubled soul looking for help, an inspiring artist trying to get their foot in the door...who ever you are be PROUD of who you are and always play your role the best you can.

PS..for the record MEN can also be groupies and hoes but its earlier for a man to point out another man's mission...females are sneaker, than men are...LOL

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