Saturday, February 21, 2009

God and War

I'm a warrior. I'm not the hardest man on Earth, but I'm no pussy. This o.g. told me, " Once you find your fear in life you have to leave the streets because when another nigga know your fear he will control your world." I thought about it and I didn't have any fears in life. I wasn't afraid of death, I wasn't afraid of pain..I felt heartless and animal like in the streets. My grandmothers prayed for me everyday, but with no father around to really show me how to me a man, I had to learn on my own, and I'm STILL leaning. This drawing is a reflect of the pain males go through not having a father to show them the way to manhood. To all the warriors, not because they want to be warriors but the hood made them warriors. I was an artist in a warrior surrounding forcing me to become cold and ONLY expressing my pain and hurt in my art. I never showed a woman ANY weakness. I always protected my family from snakes, and I was never afraid to lose my life for my pride, honor, or my word....times change and I grow older and wiser, the warrior is still there but the artist control this world now and not the streets...God has a plan for me, and War is no longer my mission.

My War Angel...I seen a FEW bootleg tattoos of my piece around ATL.

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