Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Good...

I woke up today feeling really good. My wife gave me a beautiful smile, my son jumped in the bed and gave me a big hug. Today my son is doing a speak on Obama, I hate I'm going to miss it, but I have an appointment flying in from another state and they would be pissed if I canceled their appointment. Last night me, Demanye and Tuki got to hang out after work. This is VERY rare, we see each other at work all the time but we never get to chill with each other like the old days. I'm not very emotional unless it about art and music, but I do miss my boys. They are my brothers and sometime I do seem distance from them because of my focus on business and making sure all my boys have money in their pockets and never have to go to the streets for income...I know I'm a dreamer and I can't save ALL my friends, but I have to try at less. They helped me get to where I am today, so together will be on the top. From Hollyweerd, to Jungle 45, to City of Ink, to Plush 357, to Visual Soul..we are family. I love ALL of you...even when I don't show it.

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