Sunday, February 8, 2009

Females and PAIN

I have been tattooing for a living since 1993 and for the last 5 years my female clientele have REALLY stepped their ink game up. Woman are now spending wayyyy more money on body art and getting larger peices than men do. They also take pain better than men do. Now I'm known for having some of the most gentle handles in the tattoo industry but after 5 or 6 hours of tattooing I don't care how gentle your hands are it will start to hurt and MEN will show you it hurts. But the ladies usally just fall asleep or show no signs of pain after long hours of tattooing. I have female clients that book me out every 2 to 3 week to finish up large scale pieces. Pain is something we all have to face, but pain for art and beauty is amazing to me. My hat goes off to the She-Warriors who book me for full day session with no signs of pain....just joy from the art.

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