Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Right now.....

Right now I'm sitting in the front window at City of Ink. I had an appointment who was flying in from Japan for a tattoo today but they had to cancel, so I have some free time until my next appointment at 6pm. I just ate a good ass chicken philly from 255 on Peters st. they just started delivering to I'm happy about that. I didn't want to send Chris Mcadoo out in the cold today for a food run. Speaking of Chris, he has been working really hard lately. I took him up to DC with me and he did his thing and made some good money. He also did his thing on the new Hollyweerd mixtape. He has stepped his game up, I like seeing him into a man. The Dreamer is sitting next to Samba on his laptop. Chris is downstairs tattooing and Demanye is at CVS picking up some supplies. It's looks like the new internet cafe is about to open up next door, I can't wait we need some new food spots in Castleberry Hill...I have to take a phone call...peace yall

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